Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunshine State

OK, so if you don't already know. I live in the Sunshine State of Florida. The funny thing is yes it is very hot here all the time. Which is the number 1 reason why I cant stand it here amongst other things. But heat and I do not get along. Only if it has to do with cooking lol. Originally from New York it is a big difference. The weather is different, people are different, bugs are different, water is different. Darn the food is even different. But these things I cannot go without because my darling husband wont budge. I have tried several times to get him to move but he is not going for it.
But lets get back to the nickname "Sunshine State". Here in this Sunshine State of ours 95% of the time is looks like this:

and then like this
I know scary. The sad part is that you have not seen the worst. We had to get inside before we got hit by something. We have storms almost everyday here. Especially at this time of the year. Yes I have to say I love storms. But the way they get here out of no where is a little scary sometimes. I kid you not it will be 95 degrees and sunny and bright. Then within minutes the temp has dropped to a point where you need a sweater or jacket. The wind picks up and the sky darkens to point it seems like midnight. When this all happens it will scare anyone.

I do have to say though the next morning when it is all done with. I have a chance to wake up to this beauty

But don't get too excited because once the afternoon hits. We are at it all over again. I will make sure to post more pictures of the upcoming storms. But sometimes when you are outside and that lightening hits. You do not want to be anywhere that nature is lol.

So everyone welcome to the sunshine state or not lol


  1. Great photos...It seemed like it rained everyday at 4pm when I was in Orlando...I hate the heat too and for some reason Seattle has been super steamy. Today was 96 degrees and I didnt get to cook anything! blah! Thanks for being patient with me while I disappeared this weekend!!

  2. Oh, the dark sky is very scary. It feels like it's going to fall hard on earth.
    Sometimes, no matter how sunny a day is, rains will unexpectedly come. Same goes for life, right? :)

  3. Jana,
    Oh gosh it gets hot here and I never thought Seattle got that hot lol. That has always been one of the states I have tried to get my hubby to move to.

    Yes you are so right about that!

  4. I'm here in the Sunshine State and dislike the heat yet am out in it ALL the time. My twins boys play sports and Mama has to sit and cheer 'em on or watch 'em practice!

  5. Ingrid,

    Oh see I couldn't do what you do. My poor son and I both get migraines and the heat is not our friend at all. We were watching the news today and saw it was going to feel like 104 tomorrow and started to mentally prepare ourselves for the heat. We know even with A/C it sometimes feels like it is not working cause it is so hot grrrrr!


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