Friday, July 31, 2009

It's all about Jr. Chef-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last Monday our pal Jana from Sugar,Spice and a little bit of life made some awesome chocolate chip cookies. I had to make them right away because after the pictures she showed. You wanted to eat right through the screen. So I made some but my family members were over and I will tell you I had no time to blog about them.

Well Jr. Chef decided that he wanted to make them a couple days ago on his own. So of course I was photographer for the day. Which I don't understand when I cook I am still the photographer. I don't know I think I need to look into this partnership because I am getting the raw end of the deal.

For items needed and recipe please go here

But for some true culinary love please see below.
PS these cookies are huge!!

Here he is sifting like a good little baker!

He is realizing softened butter in Florida is a little messy if you do not know how to handle.

Now he was measuring his white sugar. See how he levels it. Improvising with a spatula. He couldn't find the leveler. lol

OK so he says " this is what they mean when they say packed brown sugar". I thought that was the funniest thing lol

Melted his butter and now is starting to mix his ingredients.

Here he is separating his egg. The recipe called for one egg separated. I was actually impressed that he was able to separate his egg without any problems. For it being his first time.

They you go your whole egg and separated one. Oh yes did you notice he used brown eggs? He has this thing with brown eggs. His words " nothing but the best for what I make"

So let the mixing begin!

Got to make sure I get everything mixed in well!

2 cups of chocolate chips! yipeeee

Do you see how many chocolate chips go into this? You know it is going to be good!

We used an ice cream scoop. I know they make cookie scoops. But they tend to be smaller and these cookies needed to be big.

Making sure they are separated enough to grow.

There you have it. Jr. Chefs chocolate chip cookies. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!
Tell me what you thought about the cookies after you try them. Also make sure to check out Jana's blog where you are sure to have a great time.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Confession- I have been caught

I am hiding in the dark. I am secretly touching you and whispering as we play with each other. I am addicted to the love that you show me. I look for your attention every minute and every hour of the day. I can't seem to get enough of you and others don't understand. I try to have my alone time with you. But people are starting to become suspicious. How would they react if they knew how I felt about you? Would they turn up their nose at me? All these questions have bounced around in my head until last night. I was confronted! Yes I was caught! My husband wanted to talk to me. He wanted to get things out in the open. He wanted to tell me how he felt and to let me know he knew what was going on. OMG what was I going to say? What was I going to do? I know that I cannot live with out him or you. So I am hear to let the world know. I am here to confess that I have fallen in love with another. That I have been caught. But that I wont stop. That I cant live with out you. That I need you in my life. When I am lonely you keep me company. When I am sad you make me laugh. When he is at work you are the one I turn to.

Everyone brace yourself. You will be shocked to know. That I am cheating on my husband with you!. With my blog! With the love of food. Yes there I have said it. My husband has founded me out. He knows the truth about all of us. He doesn't quite understand the whole blogging thing. But I have tried to explain it to him. To share it with him. But he doesn't get it. He doesn't get the laughter we share. The tears we shed. The ideas and support we give each other. I had to come clean and I am glad that I did. I couldn't take it any longer hiding you from my husband. I know it is complicated and he doesn't understand now. But I hope in the future I can get him over to our side. Where he can see how much fun we have together. How this is a positive thing.

So I am asking you. Do you have a Blog confession? Does your spouse get a little crazy because they know all day. You are tapping away at these keys? Tell me your blog confessions! I am dying to hear.

Blog Confession Thursday

OK so I know we all have some sort of confessions. Something that we just need to get off of our chest. Something we need to tell someone. Well that is what Blog Confession Thursday will be. You can either send a comment or even privately send me an email. I will post if for you anonymously. But here is where we will share our confessions. Something serious and we need advice. Something silly and we need to get it off our chest. To break the ice. I will post my first confession tonight. I hope you will join me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Cake

OK so I was rushing trying to get a recreation of my top wedding tier. Before I knew it I was running out of time. I was also making him one of his favorite meals and that was an all day thing. Since I had to make sure the meat stayed moist and cooked the way we liked it.
So this is what the cake turned out to look like. I personally wanted more from it. But that is what happens when you are rushing.

I have to say it wasn't anything fantastic. But it did come out close enough. But as usual I was not happy with it. So you know how that is. You stay there looking at it. You wonder what could be done different. Well sometimes that doesn't work out in your favor. But you just cant stop yourself from doing it.

So the cake ended up looking like this.

As you can see I missed a couple of spots. lol

But I have to say that when my husband walked in he knew exactly what the meaning behind the cake was. I ended up showing him the way the cake was supposed to look. Well wont you get a kick out of this. He thought the picture was the original top tier of our cake lol. Here I was killing myself because I didn't like the way the cake came out. But yet he just thought that cake was a picture of the real one. He asked " wow you still have that picture in your camera"? I felt like a fool. Here I was so unhappy with the end result and in the end. He would have loved the original cake. So this is my advice to you. If you are decorating or cooking or anything. If something in your gut tells you to leave it. Listen to your gut because it is right!

Thanks for sharing this with me!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today is my anniversary! So since my hubby is working today and I am in the process of cooking him one of his favorite meals. I wanted to share with you a little of our story. Hubby and I have been together for 13 years. But we are newly weds. Yup you heard me right. Today is our 3rd year anniversary. We were young when we got together and everything happened really fast. But we have our beautiful son Jr. Chef and you see how well he turned out. (not to toot my own horn but...)
We always knew we would be together. But because I knew we would not be able to have the big wedding. i was ready to settle for something small. But he wasn't having it. He wanted to make sure that we got married the way we were supposed to. He was really cute about the whole thing. He at first stated that it was all up to me. But boy did that change. He started getting all excited while I was turning into a bridezilla. But it was so great to have him by my side. See I made everything for our wedding. So I was busy all the time and at the time had a demanding job too. But luckily I had strong friends and family to support me and be there for me as much as they could. I didn't even know what the tuxes looked like because he felt it should be a surprise. Yes I know scary. But he did such a great job. So I wanted to share a couple of pictures with you of our special day. Being you are my extended family and all (wink wink).

Oh yeah and if you watch Cake Boss you would have seen the episode a couple weeks ago when he made the top tier of their wedding cake for his anniversary. Well that is the plan today. I will post that picture later. Keep your fingers crossed lol. I am in crunch time. Since I am trying to do all this while he is at work.

There is Daddy dressing up his best man! I mean that in both ways!

There is my mom trying to get all my parts in place. That was the worst I tell ya!

Here we are looking into each others eyes with so much love. I hope it is always that way.

We had a part where we made public vows and then we had private vows that we said to each other. As you can see Jr. Chef is all in the business!

We have said our I dos. Everyone said he was the happiest groom they had ever seen lol

Here I am with Jr. Chef. He was such a little man that day!

Here is the reception hall before anyone was let in.

Here is what the tables looked like.

Here we are slicing the cake and you can see what I will be making for my honey today

There is my dad getting caught sneaking over to check out the food. Gotcha!!

The nights over time to say goodnight!

Thank you for sharing this special day with me. I will do another port of how my cake turns out. Hopefully I will not be posting a cake wreck.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunshine State

OK, so if you don't already know. I live in the Sunshine State of Florida. The funny thing is yes it is very hot here all the time. Which is the number 1 reason why I cant stand it here amongst other things. But heat and I do not get along. Only if it has to do with cooking lol. Originally from New York it is a big difference. The weather is different, people are different, bugs are different, water is different. Darn the food is even different. But these things I cannot go without because my darling husband wont budge. I have tried several times to get him to move but he is not going for it.
But lets get back to the nickname "Sunshine State". Here in this Sunshine State of ours 95% of the time is looks like this:

and then like this
I know scary. The sad part is that you have not seen the worst. We had to get inside before we got hit by something. We have storms almost everyday here. Especially at this time of the year. Yes I have to say I love storms. But the way they get here out of no where is a little scary sometimes. I kid you not it will be 95 degrees and sunny and bright. Then within minutes the temp has dropped to a point where you need a sweater or jacket. The wind picks up and the sky darkens to point it seems like midnight. When this all happens it will scare anyone.

I do have to say though the next morning when it is all done with. I have a chance to wake up to this beauty

But don't get too excited because once the afternoon hits. We are at it all over again. I will make sure to post more pictures of the upcoming storms. But sometimes when you are outside and that lightening hits. You do not want to be anywhere that nature is lol.

So everyone welcome to the sunshine state or not lol

Friday, July 24, 2009

Where it all began!

Well I know you are probably wondering where it all began with Jr. Chef. You are aren't you? Of course you are! Well you see it wasn't something that happened over night. This was something he was born to do. Seriously I wouldn't make this type of stuff up. Since he was born I knew that he wanted to be a Chef. I knew he would love and appreciate food and what goes along with it. People thought I was crazy. But you know when you have that baby. That feeling that you get. Well I had that feeling and I just knew that he was headed towards food greatness. You are probably wondering how I knew? I know you are!. But I don't understand why you wouldn't just believe me. Well I was surfing the web as I normally do. Or as my husband says as I do the whole time I am not sleeping and that is a lot because I barely sleep. Well there was a blog asking for you to post your favorite child picture. It could be of you or anyone. Then I thought to myself. Wait a minute! I have a picture that would be great for my blog. To prove to the world that Jr. Chef was destined to be who he is today. So I searched through hundreds of pictures to find it. Of course in one of those large Rubbermaid bins full of pictures that is patiently waiting to be cropped. I found it! Yes I found the proof!! To prove to you all that I was not hallucinating. That he was always destined to be Jr. Chef!!!!

Yes that is really Jr. Chef 11 years ago!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zeppoles Our Way

Well here is another one of Jr. Chef's favorite treats and I cannot lie. I have to say I kinda love them too. But I tell you right now that if these little balls of deliciousness did not make it onto the blog Jr. Chef was going to take over. I mean how could I not put these on here already? What was I thinking when it took me so long to post these? These are the questions I was being asked this morning. Of course everyone loves Jr. Chef and heck who wouldn't want to know what his faves are lol. I tell you! Give them a little bit of space and they will take over the world! But what can I say! I can't complain I have told him we are doing this together and I meant it. But then again I should make him do some actual blogging and then he would so it is not so easy. That there is a lot of work put into it. So here is how Jr. Chef and I make Zeppoles. It has been made this way my whole life from my mom and they have stayed very popular through the bloodline. The only thing I had to do was make sure I measured so that I would be able to share with the rest of extended blogging family. If you haven't already heard I was already reprimanded for not showing measurements. So I am trying my best as I had stated before.

Items Needed:
1 Egg
15oz. jar of Ricotta Cheese
1 1/2 cup of all purpose flour
1 1/4 cup of milk
Vegetable oil
Powdered Sugar

You want to take the egg and half of the Ricotta and mix in a bowl (If you want to use all of the Ricotta then doublet he recipe)
You then want to add the milk and the flour

You should come up with the consistency of pancake batter

While you are preparing your batter you want to fill a pot of oil. Enough oil to basically deep fry.

When the oil is nice and hot take a tablespoon and scoop some batter

Drop the batter into the oil

It will form sort of into a ball. The batter should then float to the top and when ready to cook on the other side it will flip over.

After completely brown pull out and continue. Depending on your pot size you can cook from 5-10 at a time.

You want to make sure you are safe and quick so that they do not burn. After they are ready you will let them drain on paper towel. After they have drained you will then sift powdered sugar on top of the Zeppoles.

If you have left over batter you can refrigerate. Please note you may want to let it eat up a little when you make the next time. When the batter is refrigerated and used immediately. The batter is thicker and will give you a hard time to cook.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baking from the Past

Some Items from the past:

I decided today that I would post some work Jr. Chef and I have done in the past. Since I am still trying to get a hold of this whole Blogger thing. It is a long post. I do not know how other bloggers get their pictures side by side. But hopefully one day I will and then I can shorten these post. I figured I would post it the way I only know how. So below you will find several pictures of items done in the past.

But please note that it may be a topic for the future. Where us bloggers can come together and help each other with questions we may have.

Palm trees made for a luau party

Flip flops made for a summer party

Bikini with flowers

Just some flowers

Baby Items for a baby shower

Party Hat

Bridal shoe and cake to match

Just some things I was toying around with. When I first made cookies.

Even though he was upset that I posted this because he didn't feel it was good enough. This was one of Jr. Chefs first cakes he made. Mind you he just turned 11.

A cake made for a office party

This was a cake Jr. Chef and I were messing around with. Nothing special but it tasted good!

Little cupcakes made for Jr. Chefs class

Baby shower Cupcakes

A boy short bikini

A thong bikini

Just a bunch of bikinis made for a party

Baby Bottle for a shower

Wedding cake for a bridal shower

For a housewarming party

Let's go fly a kite!

How about some ice skating?

Christmas baby bib

More Christmas Items

Engagement Ring

Christmas Tree

Halloween Cupcakes

Drink Anyone?

I love flowers! The edible kind that is.

More flip flops

Well I hope you enjoyed your stay lol. Come back again.

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