Friday, July 31, 2009

It's all about Jr. Chef-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Last Monday our pal Jana from Sugar,Spice and a little bit of life made some awesome chocolate chip cookies. I had to make them right away because after the pictures she showed. You wanted to eat right through the screen. So I made some but my family members were over and I will tell you I had no time to blog about them.

Well Jr. Chef decided that he wanted to make them a couple days ago on his own. So of course I was photographer for the day. Which I don't understand when I cook I am still the photographer. I don't know I think I need to look into this partnership because I am getting the raw end of the deal.

For items needed and recipe please go here

But for some true culinary love please see below.
PS these cookies are huge!!

Here he is sifting like a good little baker!

He is realizing softened butter in Florida is a little messy if you do not know how to handle.

Now he was measuring his white sugar. See how he levels it. Improvising with a spatula. He couldn't find the leveler. lol

OK so he says " this is what they mean when they say packed brown sugar". I thought that was the funniest thing lol

Melted his butter and now is starting to mix his ingredients.

Here he is separating his egg. The recipe called for one egg separated. I was actually impressed that he was able to separate his egg without any problems. For it being his first time.

They you go your whole egg and separated one. Oh yes did you notice he used brown eggs? He has this thing with brown eggs. His words " nothing but the best for what I make"

So let the mixing begin!

Got to make sure I get everything mixed in well!

2 cups of chocolate chips! yipeeee

Do you see how many chocolate chips go into this? You know it is going to be good!

We used an ice cream scoop. I know they make cookie scoops. But they tend to be smaller and these cookies needed to be big.

Making sure they are separated enough to grow.

There you have it. Jr. Chefs chocolate chip cookies. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!
Tell me what you thought about the cookies after you try them. Also make sure to check out Jana's blog where you are sure to have a great time.


  1. My husband is in love with chocolate chip cookies, we are always looking for the perfect ones! I will have to give it a try!

  2. yum, those look great. I really have to stay away from all the yummy blogs for a while, its not going to be easy to eat healthy and see all these baked goods!

  3. Queen, Tell me what you think of them.

    Atlanta, Its ok to look. Its like window shopping lol. You can look you just cant buy. Stay strong! I know how it is believe me.

  4. MMmm, I could go for some right now! Good job Jr Chef!

  5. Those look so good! They look nice and chewy! I want one :-)

  6. yum!

    I laughed at your comment on mine today... you don't like sun, you don't like bugs... hiking is not for you my friend... there were plenty of both! Such a crack up, you are!

  7. Cookies and Cakes,
    I will make sure to tell Jr. Chef the orders are coming


    Maybe Ill try some hiking when the weather gets cold. Oddly enough when it is cold I get a burst of energy. It is like I have super powers.

  8. huhu yum yum.. that's all I can say.. :( I'm gonna make some of that XD

  9. Hey! The twilight fleece throw is not in the newest catalog, I think it will be in the next one...they normally put them online before they put them in the catalog, so that is probably why your mom didn't tell you!

  10. YAY, I am glad that Jr Chef got a chance to make them on his own! thanks for documenting and linking to my site, sheesh I missed you guys!!!!

  11. Jana,

    Yes he was so glad that he was able to do them. We missed ya too

  12. YUMM!!! Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite thing to bake (other than cupcakes!). Props to a fellow baker! They look DELICIOUS!

  13. Mini,

    Thanks for coming by. I will make sure to let Jr. Chef know you have come to see his CCC's


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