Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's all about Jr. Chef-Cinnamon Rolls

First I must warn you that this a long post. But I feel that it is well worth it. This post is dedicated to Jr. Chef. This will be the start to a new era for him. Now you see Jr. Chef has always assisted me in the kitchen. I mean he is my right hand man. But today we decided that he would do something on his own. Momma was not allowed to help him. Of course unless he didn't understand something. Well he has been dying to make some cinnamon rolls. We decided that we would start him off with a kit. So he used the the Hot Roll Mix from Pillsbury. We have never used it before but it seemed perfect as it had the items needed to make them. It's basically making it from scratch but not having to measure the dry ingredients.

Now like I said it is a long post. But he really wanted for everyone to see that he did do all the work on his own. I am just going to put little notes for the pictures. I would appreciate any support you can show him by leaving a comment to him. I hope to continue forward where we can have sessions of him cooking on his own. Don't get me wrong he can cook a mean breakfast and some other things. But when it gets into technical stuff he usually assists and I think he is old enough to move forward. I hope by Jr. Chef hosting his cooking sessions that it will help inspire your Jr. Chef to join you in the kitchen or to want to learn more.

He is pouring the flour that comes in the box.

Now he is pouring in the yeast. (that was a big packet)

Now here would go the picture of him mixing the egg, hot water, and sugar. But guess what I forgot to take the picture. There was so much going on when he starts asking all these questions. But hey we have all seen eggs mixed in a bowl lol

But this is with the egg mixture added and he has started to mix it.

You can't see the spatula. But he was making sure that he got everything off the walls and the bottom that didn't get mixed in. ( see he is paying attention)

Now the dough has mixed and he is making sure that he has gotten everything off the hook. Good job!

As you can see he has floured his area well. Now he is kneading his dough. Luckily it was only for 5 minutes and yes he could have done it in the kitchen aid. But lets be real. It is no fun when the mixer does it.

Now he is trying to get that sticky dough off of his hands. He was figuring that you have to be quick and keep that dough moving or it will start to get sticky again.

Well there you go it has been kneaded and now he let it sit for another 10 minutes.

Now he is getting hard to work. I wish you can see the determination on his face. But he didn't want me taking his picture while he was at work.

He was done rolling and now he was about to figure out...

That he should have been moving dough around when he was rolling cause guess what? Yup it is sticking again. But no problems he was able to get it up.

Now he was taking some margarine and spreading all over the dough.

Here he has poured his tons of brown sugar

Now I am not sure you can see. But he has now poured a lot of cinnamon. Yes we are a cinnamon loving family. But he did figure out that he had poured a lot more on one side and it may have been too much. So he decided to leave it the way it was and to make sure that he would fold a certain way. So that he would have an even amount of cinnamon in each roll. (see he gets it)

Now he is rolling to make his log.

Cutting off the ends to make it nice and even. But he was not going to let that go to waste.

He made his little indents to try and measure out his rolls.

They are going into the oven.

Here he was making his glaze while they baked.

Bam they are done!

He decided to pour the glaze

Spread with a silicone brush and we are .....


Like I said a long post. But wasn't it worth it? Look at that face! He was so pleased with what he had done and so am I!!

Thanks for sticking around for this post. I am Jr. Chef appreciate it!


  1. I would like to advise that members have been having issues leaving a comment. If you have found this to be true when you try to leave a comment. Please email me

    Thank You

  2. The following was an email received. They were unable to comment.

    hey momma, the comment verification wont work on your blog, I have tried leaving lots of comments, it never works for this is what I commented for your sweet boy...

    WHOOOOOOO JUNIOR CHEF you did it man!!! awesome job!! Im jealous, so are my kids, now they want to go make cinnamon rolls. great job documenting momma!!! He is so handsome, but you already knew that.

    loves!! -Jana

  3. Awesome job! Having never made cinnamon rolls from scratch I could only hope I would do as good a job!

  4. Hi! I came from blog to blog and I found your place. it's very nice :)
    I love cinnamon rolls, these look very good, compliments to Jr. chef!

  5. Music Food and Love,

    Thank you for stopping by our spot. Appreciate the compliments and Jr. Chef is once again smiling. He loves cooking and it is our goal to get more Jr. Chefs into the kitchen and not only to love food but to love cooking it.

  6. I concur! Compliments to Jr. Chef!

  7. Job well done Jr. Chef! Keep up the good work... The cinnamon rolls look delicious!! :)

  8. NilandJeff,

    I hope he will. He loves to cook and create. Plus I love to watch him do it.


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