Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blog Confession- I have been caught

I am hiding in the dark. I am secretly touching you and whispering as we play with each other. I am addicted to the love that you show me. I look for your attention every minute and every hour of the day. I can't seem to get enough of you and others don't understand. I try to have my alone time with you. But people are starting to become suspicious. How would they react if they knew how I felt about you? Would they turn up their nose at me? All these questions have bounced around in my head until last night. I was confronted! Yes I was caught! My husband wanted to talk to me. He wanted to get things out in the open. He wanted to tell me how he felt and to let me know he knew what was going on. OMG what was I going to say? What was I going to do? I know that I cannot live with out him or you. So I am hear to let the world know. I am here to confess that I have fallen in love with another. That I have been caught. But that I wont stop. That I cant live with out you. That I need you in my life. When I am lonely you keep me company. When I am sad you make me laugh. When he is at work you are the one I turn to.

Everyone brace yourself. You will be shocked to know. That I am cheating on my husband with you!. With my blog! With the love of food. Yes there I have said it. My husband has founded me out. He knows the truth about all of us. He doesn't quite understand the whole blogging thing. But I have tried to explain it to him. To share it with him. But he doesn't get it. He doesn't get the laughter we share. The tears we shed. The ideas and support we give each other. I had to come clean and I am glad that I did. I couldn't take it any longer hiding you from my husband. I know it is complicated and he doesn't understand now. But I hope in the future I can get him over to our side. Where he can see how much fun we have together. How this is a positive thing.

So I am asking you. Do you have a Blog confession? Does your spouse get a little crazy because they know all day. You are tapping away at these keys? Tell me your blog confessions! I am dying to hear.


  1. Haha! That was really funny, and so true! I am addicted to blogging now. And I don't know if it's just me, but preparing for a post and putting it all together can be so exhausting! I don't know how people find time to make such amazing food and blog about it every other day or more often! And for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to get a second blog. I think I am insane. Now that I have been on this computer for 6 hours's time to shut it down. lol

  2. Delightful Dessert,
    You are not the only one. I am exhausted all the time. At night I cant even sleep because I am thinking about the next post. I am thinking about what has been updated on other post. It is truly taking over my life lol. But what can I say I love it. I am not hurting anyone. I am at home with my family and it doesn't cost anything to blog. So I feel it is a win win. lol

    Yes there are blogs that post new food each day and all I can say is I wish lol

    Thank you for stopping through and hope to see you again

  3. My husband doesn't understand either! He is always wondering what I find so addictive in this blogger thing! I can't help it! Im following you now! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Ha ha. This post is hilarious. Luckily my sweet man is my biggest fan so can't really confess to that... well, I mean I could confess it, but that might be dumb.

    Loved your comment today, and I say GO FOR IT... grow your own stuff, you live in the right place for it girl! The things you could grow... man!

  5. Queen,

    There is no way to explain the love of blog!


    I get ya! Dont get me wrong hubby is supportive if I wanted to sit in a corner and make frames out of string lol. But I think he gets lonely feels neglected. But my son likes to get on the computer and I like to work on here when I am alone. But of course that is when hubby gets home from work lol.

    I will just have to sneak a little better. I think it makes him nuts cause when i am in bed. Then I am on the blackberry checking blogs and all that too.

    OK OK so I am an addict

  6. My 6-year-old says he wants to be the parent and make the rules for a day. He said he would make a rule that I couldn't check my email for a whole day. LOL! That's when I realized I had a problem and stopped getting on the computer so much! Now I only get on after the kids go to bed for the most part.

  7. Tami,

    That is so cute! Thanks for sharing that story with us. I wish you luck with trying to hold out till the kids go to sleep lol. Let me know how that works out for you!

  8. LOL! This was a good one! My hubby visits my blog often to see what I'm saying about him (lol).

  9. Momsweb,

    My husband has not really got into looking at my blog. But he knows what I post daily and even though he complains about me being a blogaholic. He is always saying. Where's the camera. Did you take a picture of that? lol

  10. My honey is supportive though doesn't really get it. I think the once or twice he's visited my blog its because I've shown him something on it. My children on the other hand are VERY supportive and tell everyone that I'm a food blogger. LOL, it's funny really as my youngest had her little 9yr olds friends checking my blog out and the twins would show their teachers.

  11. haha, yeah I am totally addicted, my hunny loves that I do it, he knows how important it is to me to write and be among some good ladies! It's a blessing everyday. Tell him I said thanks for sharing!

  12. Jana,

    Yea my husband likes that it makes me happy. But you know know his misses baby. When she is typing away and not doing something with him. But besides Jr. Chef he is my # 1 fan.


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