Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have you made Cake Balls?

Have you ever made cake balls? I had tried once before. But because I didn't read the full instructions. I didn't finish. Well because it came out wrong. So I had made a birthday cake over the weekend for someone. My first attempt of the cake. It fell apart before I could put it together because it was so moist. That when I lifted from cooling rack it just crumbled. So I thought OK. I will just try to make those cake balls now. Well I followed the usual directions. Crumble the cake then mix some icing in. Make the balls. Freeze the balls. Then dip the balls in chocolate. For the first time actually completing the task I think they came out ok. But The cake was too darn sweet. I mean Jr. Chef is the taster here when I have no one else to torture with my makings and bakings. But I tell you even he said they were way too sweet. So my questions for you are. Have you made them? If so were they too sweet? If they were what did you change. I made yellow cake with just can cream cheese icing. Now it may have been the icing. I usually make my own. But I was in a rush since I have a lot of orders that actually came up this past week. So I went with the can icing. But like I said these cake balls were way too sweet.

Please let me know how yours came out.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Some Cookies

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Winner is

Well congrats Jana,

You are the winner of this giveaway. I guess this time it paid to be first.

I know you are like a gypsy lol moving all over the place.

But email me your information so I can get them out to you.

Now to think up the next giveaway 8)

True Random Number Generator Result: 1

Thank you to everyone else who joined in.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday-Feeling Guilty

Is it just me or do you ever feel guilty because you cant get to the blog? I know we all have busy lives. But there are times when it just drains me. Knowing that I can't sit down and share a part of me with you all. Or that I have forgotten once again to take pictures of something I have made. I walk by the computer and I feel like it is calling me. Saying "hello hello there are people waiting on you!" I want to be on here all day. I want to be able to update all the time. But sometimes I just can't. I know you understand where I am coming from. Some of you that I speak to on a personal level. Have businesses to run. Children to raise. Sports to attend. Then there is the blog. That other "person" in your family that wants to be loved. That is needing your attention. You want to give it all of your attention. But know that there are other things to do. I have slacked on my Thursday confessions. But I hope to be back up to speed from here on through. But please don't fault me if I miss here and there. Even though I may not be on here. I am thinking of you. I am reading all the witty things that all of you have written. I am looking at your beautiful work that you make and share with the world. Always know you have a fan in me. I am inspired daily by each and every one of you. In so many different ways. So for that I THANK YOU!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


This is just a friendly reminder that the squeeze bottle giveaway is ending on Friday the 6th. All entries must be in no later than 10pm EST. Depending how well this giveaway goes. Will determine how frequently more giveaways are to come in the future. Thank you for your participation.
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