Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Our Children

Today's confession is about how worried I am for our children. Right now as I am blogging this my son's school is on lock down for the second time in two weeks. I don't understand what is going on with the parenting these days. I sit here helpless because no one will answer the phone at his school. I know for the moment my child is safe because he sent me a text. But still they have streets blocked choppers flying over and there is an ambulance at his school. I hear the police sirens and I cannot do a thing! Why does it have to come to this? Why are these children. Our children in a state where they think violence is ok?!!! I send my child to a school that is rated one of the top schools in the area for their grading. But does that matter anymore. When I am always worried about his safety? The police don't tell you anything. The staff ignores the calls and us parents stand watch and wait for some sign. Some sign that our child is ok! Then they send you a sorry excuse for an explanation of what happened. Even though they won't tell you how extreme it was. Last time I was in my home helpless and crying for almost three hours not knowing if my son was safe. There was a child claiming he had brought a gun to shoot some people. This child was only 12. I of course did not get this from the school. But from the news and my own son! I ask you all to take the time today and pray for our children. Pray for the parents who can't control them. Pray that each day your child leaves your sight. He or she will return home safe!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Absence

I have been really trying to get into the swing of things more often. As you see I did not have a confession last night.
I do apologize! The reason behind it is I have been taking care of my husband. My husband was hit with a flu and we did not know how serious it was till last night. His temperature reaching 103.4. Having to ice him down because he is so stubborn and wouldn't go to emergency. So luckily I got him to the doctors today and it was the worse case scenario he has caught the swine flu. I know scary! But this is why I will need to take care of him and watch that Jr. Chef doesn't get it. Even though he has not been feeling well either for a couple days!

So my confession is I miss posting as much as I used to and I miss everyone! But now before I can jump back into it I must watch my two men and nurse them back to health.

Thank you for understanding and sticking by me!

God Bless!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Just plain tired

Sad but true! Do you just ever have one of those days when enough is enough? Today is that day for me. I have just been having a rough week and today was when I said no more! I am not going to stand for this! I don't know where it went or when it started. But time for me to take my life back. Time for me to focus on the things I want out of life. Time for me to stop quiting. I mean let's face it I am not getting any younger. Every year I say this is it! Its my year and then another passes. Now at the age of 33 I am shocked by all the things I could have accomplished by now. That I thought would take too long.

I went to visit my mother yesterday. It saddens me. She was a young talented and beautiful woman. But she never did anything with it. She always settled. I always say I do not want to be like her. I do not want to look back when I am in my 50's wondering why.

I have to make a change and it starts now. An obstacle gets in my way I need to kick It down. If I hear no. I need to search till I find a yes!

I am the master of my path. I have let my path take over me and now I'm back to claim it. Back to say " I'm not taking it anymore"

Whew!!! Had to get that off my chest. What about you? What have you always dreamed about doing? What scares you to pursue it? Are you like me with so many supporters but yet you do not support yourself?

I would love to hear what others are fighting against!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Things kids say!

OK for my confession this Thursday is just some of the things my son does to embarrass me.

I mean come on! Are they programmed to make you blush 95% of the time? Well my son must think so.

Do you ever have a conversation with someone and you hope no one catches you in that little lie. Example: I'm sorry I missed our lunch date. I was in bed with a migraine. Sounds simple enough right? Well then there comes my son mommy you didn't have a migraine that is when you went shopping with (some other person). Yea it didn't go as planned.

Oh while driving down the street with my son. He checks out every car that is next to us. God forbid its a male because my husband has programmed in my sons head that every man wants me. Let's face it I am not that same little hottie he met 14 years ago lol. But bless his heart for thinking so! Gotta love that man!

But because of this my son makes sure no guy is looking at his MARRIED mom! If they get caught looking beware! This kid is asking them what are they looking? She is a mom geese! She's married!!! Mom show him your ring. Come on show him or I'm going to tell daddy you want these guys looking! Of course its all fun and games to him. But I want to hide under my seat.

Don't even get me started when we go to get groceries at Wal-mart. According to him and his dad I have fans in the paper isle and I am not allowed to go down that isle alone.

So I know there are a lot of you that have little boys! What are the things they've done or said?

Is your son or daughter as protective as mine?

Please share!
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