Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Reality TV

ok so I must admit that I am a reality tv addict. I am not sure what it is about these shows. But my DVR is stocked up on recordings. Now these shows vary. But something about them have taken a hold of me. My husband says that I have a problem. But yet this comes from a man that can watch law and order all day everyday. Sometimes lies about having not seen an episode. But I catch him each time because I tell him " wait a minute remember that day you held me in a choke hold begging me to watch tv with you? Well it was this episode" lol It gets him every time. I also above anything am a soap addict. Why is that we get so emotionally attached to these darn characters? I started out watching them with my mom as a child. Yes it is her fault but I think it starts that way for everyone. Then when I met my husband ( boy he's gonna hurt me for saying this) he watched soaps. But he watched another station. Now if you watch soaps you know if you watch someone elses it looks so fake. Oh and it did. But some how he got me watching his soaps and it is over 13 years later and my husband has moved on to other shows and I am still watching these soaps. And don't you try to talk to me when they are on. I get all crazy lol. Thank goodness for rewind lol. But there you have it I am a soap,reality tv watching fool. Just in case you too are an addict. I will list the shows I watch. So you know what I am watching and hey maybe compare some notes later lol. I know I am so bad. Plus this list doesn't include regular tv shows. Wow that would be another long post.

My list
Jon and kate
Cake boss
Amazing wedding cakes
Project runway
Flipping out ( he is so funny) I love this guy
Nyc prep
Housewives ( all of them)
Ghost adventures
Property Virgins
My first place
House hunters
House hunter international
Paranormal state
Big Brother ( I forgot this one. Oddly enough I was watching it when I made original post lol

Guiding light
Young and restless
Bold and beautiful
As the world turns

These are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Also please please forgive me as I left out. I definitely can watch LMN all day long and the food network. See I am trying to stop letting all my secrets out and here I go just telling you everything. I mean if I am going to come clean. Might as well tell you everything. Ok so now its your turn. What shows are you addicted to?

Monday, August 24, 2009

The worst thing ever!!

Well when I thought it could get no worse it has!! My computer is down. I think I have been working it too hard. Ok ok maybe I have mistreated it a little since I never let it rest. Well it finally decided to show me who's boss. So now I am without my computer till it is fixed or I get a new one. What does this mean? Well it means I can't blog as normal. Right now I am honestly blogging from my blackberry. Have you seen how small these keyboards are? Yes so you know what I am going through. Typing away with my two thumbs as fast as I can. I can't even post pictures of anything because my cell is one that doesn't have a camera. Courtesy of my husbands bright idea. If you have a camera you do not need a camera phone. Or at least that is what he thought! Well as I am able to blog and see what everyone is blogging about. I am unable to reply to comments or comment on your blogs. I am hurting so bad over this. My heart is aching. I sit here and read and watch what is going on like a puppy in the window. But I can't do anything about it. So sad! So for now my friends please know I am watching and reading and wishing I can respond to comments. But at this time I can only respond to emails. So if you email me I'll respond. But know when I am back on I will respond to each and every comment and post I have missed.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Potato Skins

A favorite here in our home. Is Potato Skins! We usually go to TGIF to get our dose of potato skins. But there are times when you just can't run out and get them. Or you just don't want to. So we decided one day that we were going to start making them at home. I mean what could it hurt right? I mean they do say better when homemade and they were right!

Items Needed:
4medium potatoes
Bacon bits ( I use the brand that has the real bacon pieces in it)
1 cup of butter ( if you are going to dip your skins) Or 1/4 if you are only going to brush skins
Sour Cream ( optional)
Chives ( optional)

Preheat the oven to 400F. Bake the potatoes for 1 hour. Let the potatoes cool down enough so that you can touch them. ( I myself cannot wait this long). Boy did I get burned! But so worth it!

When the potatoes are cool enough to handle, make 2 length wise cuts through each potato, resulting in three 1/2-1/4 inch slices.

Save the middle piece for a separate dish of potatoes. This will leave you with two potato skins per potato.

With a spoon, scoop out some of the potato from each skin., being sure to leave about 1/4 inch potato inside each skin.

Brush the entire surface of the skin, inside and out, with the melted butter. ( I personally like to dip the potato so I can get a real buttery taste.

Place the skins on a baking sheet , cut side up, and place all your toppings onto potatoes. Bake them for another 10-15 minutes or until the cheese is melted.

Take them out and you are done!

Now for the left over potatoes.

I chop up the potatoes and place in an oven safe bowl.
Then add all my toppings. Including the butter and salt. Then I place in the oven for about 15 -20 minutes. I did not make this the same day. I actually used it for breakfast the next morning. You may even want to add scrambled eggs to your bowl. Now because I am an awful photographer it doesn't look so great. But trust me when I say it is delicious and had people coming back for more!

So next time you are craving some potato skins. Don't run out to buy them. Try and make them!
Thank you for joining us for another session of Meals with Momma and Jr. Chef.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Baby Food

I thought I would make some of my confessions of things I love to eat that others may think is weird.
OK now you know that I must truly love and trust you guys. To let one of my deepest darkest secrets get out. I love baby food!! Now I am NOT talking about the fruit. I know some use that to bake. I am talking about the chicken noodle dinner. The peas. The custards. I love baby food. Sometimes I sneak to the baby section and buy a bunch of jars of baby food. My family does not even want to be around me or smell it when it is cooked. But I can't help it. It is one of my comfort foods. I love it. I love to eat it cold or hot. I love to see the little veggies chopped up in a dinner meal of baby food. I love to eat it nice and slow because I want every spoonful to last as long as it can. I don't want to share it with anyone. Not that they would ask. But there I said it I LOVE BABY FOOD!!! So come on tell me one thing you love to eat. That others may just turn their head to. You know there is something. Don't leave me out here on my own. It took a lot to spill those beans. Now I am ready to hear what your food confession is.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

They have to do what? Part two

OK so after the traumatic talk about having to get the (nuggets checked) as my friend Tami calls them. He was ready to face his fears and head to the doctors. I asked my sister to come along for reinforcements. Since daddy who was in the first place not making things any better had to work.
Now Jr. Chef has been a comedian since the day he was born. He is just like my dad. They are two of a kind. People with the ability to always make you laugh. People with good hearts and great spirits. Now this is the first time that my sister went along with me to an appointment. So she was not prepared for what he was about to throw her way. But yes I am an expert and the doctors and nurses know him all too well. But you would think they would prepare themselves a little better.

Arrive at doctors office:

Nurse: Please step on the scale

Jr. Chef: One foot on, One foot off. Holding himself up against the wall. You name it so he doesn't give the correct reading.

Nurse: Come on now you know what you have to do.

Momma: If you don't get your but on that scale and stop playing around. I am going to get daddy on the phone.

Jr. Chef: Standing like a soldier

Nurse: OK let's measure your height. Please take off your shoes.

Jr. Chef: Walking over to the measuring section ignoring her and trying to be measured with his shoes on.

Nurse: Shoes off please

Jr. Chef: Yes but if I leave my shoes on I'll be taller.

Nurse: Yes I know but that is not the correct reading

Jr. Chef: Darn

Nurse: You are 5' 1 1/2"

Jr. Chef: Wow I am almost 6 feet.

Nurse: No not really

Jr. Chef: Look just work with me here. I am looking into my future.

Momma: Just laughing in the corner shaking her head and giving him the Momma Look. Yea you know the look. Like pull that crap again and I am gonna get ya.

Now in the room:

Jr. Chef: OK so what exactly has to be done today?

Momma: I already told you this.

Jr. Chef: I want to hear it out of her mouth the mean things she is going to do to me

Nurse: Well I think you are here for shots and a physical

Jr. Chef: SHOTS??? What do you mean shots? I didn't know I had to get shots!! ( LIAR)

Momma: Don't you start again.

Nurse: Didn't you know what you were coming for?

Jr. Chef: Nope my mom doesn't tell me anything!!

Everyone is laughing at this clown that has appeared in the room.

Jr. Chef: Well how many shots?

Nurse: Well it depends. It can be one or two?

Jr. Chef: Or do I have options of how many shots I can get?

Nurse: No lol it depends on what you are required to have and what you may need to renew.

Jr. Chef: Well you just said I have options. That doesn't sound like it.

Nurse: The doctor will be in any moment

Doctor walks in

Doctor: I see that you are here for your physical.

Jr. Chef: yeah OK so what does that mean to you?

Doctor: Well we have to take care of your shots. We also have to check you and make sure everything is OK.

Jr. Chef: What is everything?

Momma: Speaking to doctor telling her that I had advised him what was to come.

Jr. Chef: Do you think I am going to let you in my pants?

Doctor: Mouth dropped well I need to make sure you are OK it doesn't hurt.

Jr. Chef: How do you know it doesn't hurt? Do you have nuggets being checked by a woman doctor?

Doctor: No but I know I am not hurting you. (Explains the procedure)

Jr. Chef: Well if it is that easy then I can go in there myself and tell you how they are doing.

Doctor: It doesn't work that way.

Momma: Giving him the stare

Jr. Chef: Well who better than me to know if my nuggets are feeling well!!!

Needless to say he did get everything done. He gave her a hard time with the breathing, the back straightness checking, the walking etc etc.

Don't get me started how long it took to get the needle in his arm. For him to say later " wow I worried for nothing".

Yes people a 15-20 appointment lasted a little over an hour.

The award for how to beat up your doctor and mom at that same time goes to JR. CHEF!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

They have to do what? Part one

OK so school is about to be back in session. I had to take Jr. Chef to get his shots for school. Since he is entering 7th grade it is a requirement. Well he was acting SO tough when I told him. But when the day got closer for his doctor appointment. That was another story. All the questions started.
Jr. Chef: How many shots?
Jr. Chef: Is it going to hurt?
Jr. Chef: What else are they going to do to me?

Well I try to be as honest as possible with him.

Momma: Not sure how many shots.
Momma: It will feel like a pinch if you cooperate.
Momma: They are going to have to give you a physical.

Jr. Chef: OK so what is a physical?

Momma: Well they have to check you all over.

Jr. Chef: What exactly is all over???

Momma: Well you know!! All over like all over ( eyebrows raising)

Jr. Chef: Do you mean they are going to touch my N**s?

Momma: Well hmmm hmmmm yes they are

Jr. Chef: DADDY!!!! Did mommy tell you they are going to be touching me????

Dad: Hey it's a part of life.

Jr. Chef: I don't want anyone checking my privates!!

Dad: Yeah that is what you say now!!

Ok Moms now you know where I am going with this!. Why is it that men think it is so funny?
We have to deal with the kids freaking out about going to the doctors. We have to deal with them having someone checking the shhhh privates. We have to explain to them that it is different and that they need to be checked for their health.

But here comes dad with that " son you may not like it now. But believe me when you are older"...

Now of course he is not talking about the doctor. And my son is old enough to know what he is talking about.

Jr. Chef: Geeze Daddy you are so disgusting!!

Momma: Come on help me out here! (Walking away shaking your head)

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's name is Chili. But boy is it HOT!!!!!!!!

OK so Part-Timer loves Chili but never has made it from scratch. I personally have never made Chili. A friend of mine had posted her recipe recently and I thought OK here is my chance. But I never got around to it. He likes his Chili with just meat. So I told him go at it. I will just post it. So with his permission. I am able to post his recipe for his Chili that he came up with uuhh yesterday!

Items Needed:
1 1/2 pound ground beef
Chili Sauce of your choice
1 white onion
1/2 bunch of green onions
1/2 green bell pepper
2 Jalapeno peppers
1 tsp. Cayenne pepper
1 tsp. Cumin
1 tsp. Chipolte Chile pepper
1 tsp. Garlic powder
1 tsp. Black pepper
1 tsp. Onion Powder
1 tsp. Season salt
1 tsp. Cajun Seasoning

Take your ground beef and put into pan.
Then take all your seasonings and add to the meat.
After the meat has started to brown. You want to start adding in the vegetables.
When meat has browned all the way you want to add in the Chili Sauce and let it simmer on low for about 10 minutes.
After that you are all done! Enjoy!

Thank you for joining us for another session of Meals with Momma and Jr. Chef.
Courtesy of Part-Timer

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Confession- Thunderstorms

Growing up as a child in Queens New York. Of course we always had thunderstorms. I remember growing up wishing it would storm. Loving the sound of the rain hitting against the windows. Feeling the rumble from the thunder beneath my feet. But never in New York did I ever feel I had to worry for my safety. Never once was I scared.

Now living in Florida is a whole other story. The storms here are CRAZY. You are scared for your life. You try to get what you need done before you get stuck in a down pour. Now I lived in the City of Orlando before and yes it was scary then. But now living out in the country surrounded by farmland. There is a huge difference. Who would have known. That the more open the land is. The scarier it is. My goodness.! As i sit here and blog. I am staring out at the farm in front of me. I am counting lightening strike after lightening strike. Not only do I feel the rumbles. But the actual house is shaking. No it really is. Now Jr. Chef he is not fond of storms at all. So I must act tough. I have to act like that to make sure he doesn't freak out. When I say freak out it is an understatement. This kid starts having panic attacks. Now it is hurricane season. But as we all know. You have more than enough advance notice that a hurricane is coming right!!. Well I have to explain that to him every time a storm comes. Even though he knows this. But he always feels one has slipped by. Then for some reason this year. There have been a lot of Tornadoes. Now I can make it through a hurricane and a thunderstorm. But when you start talking twisters I am like a baby in a cradle. So you can only imagine how he gets. Every time it storms we run outside to look at the clouds. To make sure there isn't a funnel forming. There have been a couple times when we thought we saw one. We took off running to our local Walmart. Now I had to get this off my chest. I am tired. I am tired of worrying. If some big storm is coming to wipe me out. Always checking to make sure I match lol. You know how it was when you were little and your mom wanted to make sure you matched down to your underwear in case something happened. lol Like seriously who is thinking about that anyway? But my confession to you my friends is. My goodness I am tired of running from storms.

So how do you feel about storms? What about your kids? Is there any rituals you have when they come?

Oh yeah I would have included pictures. But I probably would have been struck by lightening. Then you guys would have missed me too much and I didn't want to have to put you through that. See what a great friend I am!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Empanada- Beef Patty

Now if you remember I did a post about a cupcake with an Empanada on it. Well for those that do not know what they are. They are fried dough with meat inside. The most common would be ground beef. But some people make them with pizza ingredients inside. Or even with some chicken. I prefer just ground beef and cheese. Like a cheeseburger. lol

Items Needed:
1-1/2 pound of ground beef
Seasonings of your choice
Oil to fry in
Dough disc( found in your freezer section of supermarket or Spanish frozen section)
Cheese (optional)

First you want to cook your ground beef in a frying pan on medium. You want to season your ground beef to your liking.
Example: Here you can use the sofrito.

After the meat has been cooked you want to drain all the excess liquid.

Now that the meat is cooked you want to place some meat into a disc.
Note: The packages of disc usually come 10 and they have small and large. I use the small disc. at this point you want to put oil in a frying pan and heat up. You want it nice and hot. But if it takes you longer to get items prepared lower the flame to medium. These items will fry fast and you do not want to burn them.

After you have filled the disc with your fillings. You want to fold over and use a fork to press together. It will end up looking like this. If your disc seems a little dry you want to flip and fork that side also. Some people use egg yoke to put over the seal. This is to make sure that the Empanada does not open up. I personally never use egg.

You will take the folded patty and place in hot oil. You want to make sure and watch because they fry fast. You will need to flip when it is lightly browned. When they are done place them on a paper towel to drain.

Caution: They sometimes keep some oil in themselves and have a tendency to drip out. If eaten right away it is very hot.


Thanks for joining us for another session of Meals with Momma and Jr. Chef

Thank You

I want to thank all my friends for supporting me in this hard time. I would like to announce that all my little friends have popped back up. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! They came back to me. Oh how I have missed my updates. No really I was missing them because I could not see them. They were happening and I was not able to participate. But I am back people and hopefully to stay. So if I have not commented. I will be today Hip Hip Hurray!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Is it just me? Blogger Issue

I am not sure if I am the only one. But for some reason all the blogs I follow on my dashboard are gone. They are missing. Do you have them? Do you know where they are? Where did they go? Am I the only one going through this? Or are you having the same issue? Please let me know if you are also having problems with blogger as I am not sure if something just accidentally got wiped out. How I do not know. But somehow, someway. My blog list was erased. Help me find my sanity again.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Roast Pork

In our home Roast Pork is one of our favorite things to eat. It takes a lot of love to make it just right! It takes days at least for me to prepare it the way we want. With every piece having flavor. With it falling right off the bone when I take it out of the oven. Every bite being as moist as the last. This has been a post in process. The last time I made it I was unable to get all the photos needed . As soon as that flavorful scent hits the air. They know it's ready and they are not waiting any longer. They want to be the one that has the first bite. They want to be the one that says YES it is done! So this is why it has taken twice me making this. For me to be able to post. I have to say there was a struggle in my home over this post. My hubby (part-timer) thought it was just too much to give away. This was our secret weapon and why would I want to let it out. For many years people had even paid me to prepare their pork so they could have my taste at their party. I never wanted to give my recipe away. Till one day it hit me. No matter how many times you tell someone a recipe. Theirs would never taste the way you make yours. It's a fact it just never does. Your favorite meal that your mom made for you will never taste like hers. No matter how many times she tells you how to make it. So since figuring this out. I told my husband my Roast Pork will always be his. He was safe and no one would ever have what he has at home. lol

So after weeks of preparing and wanting to post this here you are. Plus you will see the sofrito at its best.

Items Needed:
1 Pork Picnic Shoulder
2-4 tablespoons Sofrito
3-4 tablespoons of Adobo
2 pks. of Sazon
3-4 Tablespoons of Meat Tenderizer
1/4 cup of Mojo
2-3 tablespoons of Garlic Pepper

Take your pork out and wash really good.

You want to make sure you make slits all over and as many as possible. This will ensure the taste getting all inside the pork. Also you want to pull the skin back. take a knife under the skin and start in a slicing motion while pulling skin back. If you want the crispy skin you will make sure to cook the skin on top. But you want to make sure it is full of flavor so that is why you want to do the process above.

This is what your pork will look like after having all the seasoning and slathered and rubbed in really good. Now let this sit at least a full day in the fridge. I personally let sit for a couple days. So I'll be back tomorrow. Nah just kidding. OK so if you want it to fall off the bone. You will need to slow cook. My pork was 12 pounds and I slow cooked on 300 degrees for almost 9 hours. Yes I know it is a long time. But I went out and ran errands and that is why it ended up being that long. But you know what it was so worth it. When I came home that pork fell right off the bone. I like that because even though it is usually the mans job to take care of cutting the meat. My husband will not touch my pork. he knows it is my baby. So of course I am excited when it just falls right off the bone. Then I know I have not much work ahead of me 8).

I know I know I can hear the applause already lol. I had taken pictures with it on a plate. But it just doesn't serve it any justice at all. It truly takes away from it. So I thought this would be the best picture. Plus look at that skin. My husband was in love because you could hear the tap against the skin when he checked to make sure it was crispy.

Oh yea you see all the juices in the bottom. Well that is great to use to flavor your rice that you make with it. Also when you cut the pork apart. Put it in a separate pan. Then pull out a baster or a big spoon. Take some of the juices and spread all over the pork and then mix up pork. It is sure that you will have taste all over no matter what.

Well I hope you enjoy another session of Meals with Momma and Jr. Chef. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.

Happy Eating!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My first Award

This morning I woke to find a little message telling me that I have received an award. This was the Loyal award. An award for blogger friends. An award to show how appreciative and supportive we are to each other. I want to thank Natalee over at Raising Normal Kids. She is really cool and a sweet girl. Her blog will surely give you a good laugh each day. So now I want to show my love and appreciation to my 4 of my friends. Of course paying it forward. These ladies I am about to announce are great. Have supported my blog till no end. I have to say that there are more than four. So I would like to thank all the ladies that have supported me. That have commented on my blog daily. That have shown me and Jr. Chef much love. Please make sure to check out their blogs.

Now I need these ladies to pick four of their own loyal blogger friends and award them.

Thank You
Baking Momma

Blog Confession Thursday

OK so we had a good response to our first BCT. This week I thought I would confess about my blog envies. lol Yes I have blog envy. There are some things that I don't know how to do. Or I have seen and have wondered how that was done. Sometimes I go snooping around my blogger dashboard and try to change things but most of the time. It does not work in my favor. Maybe I am missing something. I am not sure. But the items below fall into my blog envy. I will push my pride aside and state that if there is any assistance you can provide I would greatly appreciate it. I really think that everyone knows the things I don't and I am the only one standing alone in the rain without an umbrella lol

  1. I confess that I want to change my layout because I want something more personal. Something that is my own. But I don't know how people do it.
  2. I confess that I am wondering how bloggers get their personal logo onto their blog. ( I don't have one) But I know what I want it to look like.
  3. I confess that I have button envy. I am always trying to figure out how bloggers make their buttons.
  4. I confess that I am wondering how bloggers get their pictures to lay side by side.
  5. I confess that I am stumped. I am still trying to figure out how bloggers get a person message over their comment box.
  6. I confess that I always wonder how people get tabs on their blogs. Am I missing something?
On another note:
  1. I confess I get so excited when I here my phone beep because I have a new message
  2. I confess I get really excited that I have a new follower. That means I am saying something someone wants to hear.
  3. I confess I wish I had more time and more things to write each day about food. So that I would be able to update more for my blogger friends.
  4. I confess there are more items but we would be here all day.
So what is your confession for today? Did you not walk the dog when you were supposed? Forget to feed the kids at their usual time? Forgot to make hubby's lunch? Or was just plain ol' lazy today?

Monday, August 3, 2009

My Sofrito

Hello everyone a while back. When I started Meals with Momma and Jr. Chef I had mentioned that I used Sofrito. I advised that I would post the recipe for how I make this. This is something that I used in my colored rice. I use it to flavor my Pork and Turkey for Thanksgiving. I also use it to flavor my ground beef.

I know some of you may already use this and I know some others are saying " what the heck is that green stuff". But trust me a lot of people use at least one part of this sauce in their food. Whether it was at someones house you ate at. Or it was at a restaurant. There are some of these green ingredients in your food.

Items needed:
2 bunches of Cilantro
2 bunches of Culantro
1 pack of sweet peppers ( they are very small peppers)
Note: I have at times been unable to use the little sweet peppers we would normally use and I have used other sweet peppers and they worked perfect.
Garlic clove- Just four pieces of that clove
Adobo-I pour some of my Adobo in the mix. A lot of people I know don't.
1 onion
You can also add tomato some do that.
Approx 1-2 cups of water

I have included pictures of the main ingredients below. Just in case you may not know what to look for.

Sweet Peppers ( There may be another name. But that is what it always says)
Take the stems off of the peppers.




Just take all of your ingredients stick them in a blender and start your engines lol
You should start slowly with the water. You want a paste type of consistency. This will make enough for you to have in fridge and freeze rest. Also if you have a plastic ice tray or egg holder. You can scoop some in there and put in freezer. Then bag them up. One of the tablets that it creates is enough for the rice and ground beef.
When using this do not get crazy with it. It is very strong in taste. I usually use 1 tablespoon for rice and ground beef.
If using on lets say a Roast Pork. You want to slather a lot since you want the taste to really get into it.
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