Monday, August 24, 2009

The worst thing ever!!

Well when I thought it could get no worse it has!! My computer is down. I think I have been working it too hard. Ok ok maybe I have mistreated it a little since I never let it rest. Well it finally decided to show me who's boss. So now I am without my computer till it is fixed or I get a new one. What does this mean? Well it means I can't blog as normal. Right now I am honestly blogging from my blackberry. Have you seen how small these keyboards are? Yes so you know what I am going through. Typing away with my two thumbs as fast as I can. I can't even post pictures of anything because my cell is one that doesn't have a camera. Courtesy of my husbands bright idea. If you have a camera you do not need a camera phone. Or at least that is what he thought! Well as I am able to blog and see what everyone is blogging about. I am unable to reply to comments or comment on your blogs. I am hurting so bad over this. My heart is aching. I sit here and read and watch what is going on like a puppy in the window. But I can't do anything about it. So sad! So for now my friends please know I am watching and reading and wishing I can respond to comments. But at this time I can only respond to emails. So if you email me I'll respond. But know when I am back on I will respond to each and every comment and post I have missed.


  1. Ooh boy.. I feel ya! COME BACK SOOOOOOOOOOON

  2. LOL, ditto what Tutu Fairy said! Hope it's soon that you're back!

  3. Oh hunny, I am so sorry I know exactly what that feels like, I hope it gets figured out soon, I will make sure to email you tomorrow! thanks for filling us in!

  4. oh that just ... yeah sucks!^^ 'wishing you a better day soon!

  5. oh my! i hope you get a working one soon! I will miss you!

  6. Yeah, that computer sure showed you who's (or "what's") the boss!
    Well, now you learned your lesson. The computer may be the boss but he sure doesn't like taking overtimes either. So you better rest or else he can't rest too!


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