Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Just plain tired

Sad but true! Do you just ever have one of those days when enough is enough? Today is that day for me. I have just been having a rough week and today was when I said no more! I am not going to stand for this! I don't know where it went or when it started. But time for me to take my life back. Time for me to focus on the things I want out of life. Time for me to stop quiting. I mean let's face it I am not getting any younger. Every year I say this is it! Its my year and then another passes. Now at the age of 33 I am shocked by all the things I could have accomplished by now. That I thought would take too long.

I went to visit my mother yesterday. It saddens me. She was a young talented and beautiful woman. But she never did anything with it. She always settled. I always say I do not want to be like her. I do not want to look back when I am in my 50's wondering why.

I have to make a change and it starts now. An obstacle gets in my way I need to kick It down. If I hear no. I need to search till I find a yes!

I am the master of my path. I have let my path take over me and now I'm back to claim it. Back to say " I'm not taking it anymore"

Whew!!! Had to get that off my chest. What about you? What have you always dreamed about doing? What scares you to pursue it? Are you like me with so many supporters but yet you do not support yourself?

I would love to hear what others are fighting against!


  1. Ive just had the worst week ever! Im so with you.

  2. I'm behind you pumping my fist! Right on!

    Btw, still blogging from you blackberry? Hope you get back to posting yummy recipes soon! Miss ya... :)

  3. Hey Mama, you can do this, I hope things start looking up for you and remember to be kind to yourself you deserve the best!

  4. Here's the thing about your Mother. Think of her life as the gift of what choices not to make. Small goals. Small steps. Fulfill small dreams and wishes. The last two I worked on were learning to flip eggs in a skillet and applying eyeliner without looking like a racoon. Nothing big. Nothing earth shattering. But accomplishing little goals allows me to recognize and realize that I can do anything if I just take it in small increments. I have a few "bumper stickerisms" that I think of that seems to apply is "you live your life like you live your days" and I find that to be so true every single moment. Hmmm... I just came to check out Jana's bluddies (blog buddies) and hear I end up giving you a short, nagging novel! Sorry. It's the Mom and Grandma in me!

    Oh, and be careful going out in public with that eyeliner thing...I'm still in the serious goth look...not too charming in a frumpy Grandma! ha!

  5. The only thing I worry most about is when I can't use my full potential. Because that would mean I didn't pursue what I want to do with my life.


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