Thursday, November 5, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday-Feeling Guilty

Is it just me or do you ever feel guilty because you cant get to the blog? I know we all have busy lives. But there are times when it just drains me. Knowing that I can't sit down and share a part of me with you all. Or that I have forgotten once again to take pictures of something I have made. I walk by the computer and I feel like it is calling me. Saying "hello hello there are people waiting on you!" I want to be on here all day. I want to be able to update all the time. But sometimes I just can't. I know you understand where I am coming from. Some of you that I speak to on a personal level. Have businesses to run. Children to raise. Sports to attend. Then there is the blog. That other "person" in your family that wants to be loved. That is needing your attention. You want to give it all of your attention. But know that there are other things to do. I have slacked on my Thursday confessions. But I hope to be back up to speed from here on through. But please don't fault me if I miss here and there. Even though I may not be on here. I am thinking of you. I am reading all the witty things that all of you have written. I am looking at your beautiful work that you make and share with the world. Always know you have a fan in me. I am inspired daily by each and every one of you. In so many different ways. So for that I THANK YOU!!!


  1. I think you do great with blogging! Just my humble opinion! Blessings!

  2. Oh, boy I understand completely! I feel that way many times. You are spot on when you say our blogs are like a member of our family needing our attention.

    No worries.....we'll be around when you are!


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