Sunday, June 21, 2009

Polish Kielbasa and Veggie Mix

Happy Sunday Everyone,

Today I wanted to share how we make Kielbasa in our house. Part Timer loves this and he can eat it alone. With out anything else. So since it is really quick and it makes him happy. I made it for him for Father's Day.

Polish Kielbasa
Mrs. Dash
Garlic Pepper
Steak Rub
Pork Rub
Bag of vegetables ( We used microwaved ones)

See how pretty and colorful it is.

This is the Kielbasa we have used. Sometimes we use fresh if we can find it. But this is about 2.98 at your local wal-mart.

Use about a 1-2 cups of water and slice your Kielbasa and put into a frying pan.

These are the seasonings that I use to add to this dish.

I add about two pinches each of the Rubs. The other seasonings about the same. I also use the Adobo if I need a little more saltier taste.

Slice your onion and place in the pan.

On top of that I like to add a little bit more seasoning.
Warning this is very spicy.

This is how it will start looking when your onions are cooking.

Now take your vegetables and cook in microwave if you do it this way.

After the veggies are done. Place in the pan with the rest of the food.

After I have done this. I like to give it a good couple of stirs. To get it nicely mixed in there.

This is what it will look like when your food is nice and ready.

Thanks for joining us on Meals with Momma and Jr. Chef


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