Saturday, June 27, 2009

No More Giant Cupcake and Upcoming Giveaway

Hello all Momma here,

I have always wanted to say that. lol Well my battle with the giant cupcake will be put on hold at this time. The event that I was going to be doing it for was sadly canceled. So now it is waiting for the next event that I can make it for. I am thinking maybe August since I have a couple birthdays that month.

Hopefully something will come up before that cause I have been waiting so long to make one. As we all know that first attempt did not go very well. But no fear. I will try again. Heck if we have to eat cake for a week. I will try it.

But on a better note. I wanted to announce ahead of time. That Jr. Chef and I will start holding giveaways the first week of July. I wanted to make sure that I told everyone ahead of time since. I just started out and I know some of you pop up daily and some come around here and there. I want to make sure that we get the word out. I wanted to make sure if you weren't following BM & JC now would be the time you may want to. Things are about to get even more exciting around here. So stay tuned for July cause Momma and Jr. Chef are about to start giving away.


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