Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Bad!

OK so I was told today by one of my fellow supporters and one of the closest people to me (my little sister) that I really need to work on my measurements. In her words "you really need to tell us what your measurements are for us cooking dummies". Like I said her words. As I apologized I also explained that I do not measure. I just eyeball it. I know I know. Not all cooks do it that way. But I really do not have the time to sit there and measure stuff. So I go by look and taste. But as I told her in this deep conversation we were having. I would going forward try my best to put in measurements for everything. But as I was talking to her I went into the zone. You know what I mean. You imagine yourself doing something you love and you get into the zone. lol Well I told her OK if you want to measure the way I do. I do 6 shakes of all seasonings that I put in my food. Unless otherwise mentioned. Of course she laughed and asked "6 shakes"? I said yes take the bottle and shake it six times into what you are cooking.

So my friends unless it is otherwise mentioned it will take six shakes to make it taste the way I make my dishes. 8) I hope that helps. But as stated above I will try my hardest to make sure I put in measurements.


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