Saturday, June 20, 2009

Arroz Con Salchicha ( Rice with Vienna Sausage

Hello everyone,
Well here in my house one of the quickest meals to make is Arroz con Salchicha. Yes Jr. Chef loves this and will eat it all up and alone with nothing else. These are the days when we do not need to feed Part Timer and we can make something quick. So I thought I would share with you how to make it. Some of you may already make this in your home. Probably close enough to how I make mines. But after speaking to a close friend of mine and a supporter. She stated that I should post all the meals I make no matter what. Since there may be some who have never made it. Or some that make it different. So here I am posting my version of Rice and Vienna Sausage.

Note: For those that cannot eat pork based meats. You can substitute with chicken.

Tomato Sauce
Sofrito ( My recipe to come)
3 cans of Vienna Sausage

So this is what we ended up with when we we're finished. Can you tell what kind of fancy plate that is? lol

First I place about a tablespoon of oil in the pot.

Then I add an 8 ounce can of tomato sauce. I also add the Adobo and Sazon. As stated in previous recipes.

Here you will take the sausage and start to slice into pieces. Don't you love the floral? What was I thinking? Oh I know I didn't want to start looking for one of my cutting boards lol.

After you start slicing the sausage make to start putting into the sauce. The sauce is on medium while you are adding all the ingredients.

Here you have the three cans of Vienna Sausage.

At this point you will add three cups of rice and about three and one half cups of water.

This is Sofrito. Now some of you know what this is? Some of you are saying. What the heck is that? ( I will have my recipe coming up for this) But right now I can tell you in my opinion it is essential to have. You can buy this in the Spanish Section of your local supermarket. But I will be honest with you that it is best to have homemade. It is a very strong seasoning. But oh does it make your food taste so delicious. I use it in my colored rice and on my meats. Yummy!

I have added a tablespoon of Sofrito. I have also raised the temperature to high. I will leave on a high until it comes to a hard boil.

Yup I think that is looking good. At this point I will put on low-med. For about 15 minutes with lid on.

When you take off lid. Your rice should look this way. As you can see there is a little liquid still left. At this time. I mix up the rice and leave for about another 4 minutes.

Then you will have your finished rice.
Ok well now its your turn to try. I know I know I owe you the recipe for Sofrito. I will have my recipe in an upcoming post. But for now you can try this one.

Once again from our kitchen to yours. Thank you for joining us for another session of Meals with Momma and Jr. Chef.


  1. Oh, Mara! I'm with Jr Chef on this one! This is a fave of mine, too! Feed me and I'll be your best friend!

    Thanks for sharing! I guess I need to track down one of those pots.

  2. Hello sounds much Adobo does this call for?



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