Monday, August 3, 2009

My Sofrito

Hello everyone a while back. When I started Meals with Momma and Jr. Chef I had mentioned that I used Sofrito. I advised that I would post the recipe for how I make this. This is something that I used in my colored rice. I use it to flavor my Pork and Turkey for Thanksgiving. I also use it to flavor my ground beef.

I know some of you may already use this and I know some others are saying " what the heck is that green stuff". But trust me a lot of people use at least one part of this sauce in their food. Whether it was at someones house you ate at. Or it was at a restaurant. There are some of these green ingredients in your food.

Items needed:
2 bunches of Cilantro
2 bunches of Culantro
1 pack of sweet peppers ( they are very small peppers)
Note: I have at times been unable to use the little sweet peppers we would normally use and I have used other sweet peppers and they worked perfect.
Garlic clove- Just four pieces of that clove
Adobo-I pour some of my Adobo in the mix. A lot of people I know don't.
1 onion
You can also add tomato some do that.
Approx 1-2 cups of water

I have included pictures of the main ingredients below. Just in case you may not know what to look for.

Sweet Peppers ( There may be another name. But that is what it always says)
Take the stems off of the peppers.




Just take all of your ingredients stick them in a blender and start your engines lol
You should start slowly with the water. You want a paste type of consistency. This will make enough for you to have in fridge and freeze rest. Also if you have a plastic ice tray or egg holder. You can scoop some in there and put in freezer. Then bag them up. One of the tablets that it creates is enough for the rice and ground beef.
When using this do not get crazy with it. It is very strong in taste. I usually use 1 tablespoon for rice and ground beef.
If using on lets say a Roast Pork. You want to slather a lot since you want the taste to really get into it.


  1. I have never heard of this stuff! The husband is ultra picky and probably would not touch this with a ten foot pole...I on the other hand...just might have to try it! THanks!

  2. Yum, my family live in te States and I am huge FAN of Adobo but you just can't get it in the UK. My Dad uses Sofrito in his rice too and yours looks lovely!


  3. Queen, I know a lot of people that have told me oh I cant stand Cilantro oh its so nasty. But then are shocked to hear that I have put it in everything they have ever eaten. That I have cooked. lol

    Star, I could not live without Adobo. So they don't sell it in the UK huh? See I would have never thought it lol. How do you manage without it? lol

  4. It looks amazing. that's a whole lot of flavors. Pardon my ignorance but what is adobo?

  5. Hey Jackie,

    Thanks for coming by. I dropped you an email on your website. Explaining the Adobo. 8)

  6. Jackie
    PS You can find it in your Spanish section of your supermarket

  7. I have never had looks amazing and has cilantro in it so I want it really bad now...hmmmm I have never seen culantro...ever I wonder why. My husband is drooling....we are finally home!!

  8. Jana,
    Oh how i have missed your daily emails. Don't worry there are a lot of people that have never heard of Culantro. Well if you make some let me know. Tell me if you can find the Culantro where you live.

  9. MMM>>>It sounds soo. good I will try it and let you know.. Im a new follower.. Natalee

  10. Hi Natalee,

    Welcome to our blog. Yes please do tell me what you think of it. Headed over to your place now

  11. rcv? What does it stand for. I tried to look it up on good and was very unsuccessful!

  12. I put good instead of google Im such a nerd...I should have known what you meant anyways :)

  13. Being Puerto Rican I grew up with my grandma making it and recaito (sp?). I usually but Goya's in the freezer case. Yours looks MUCH better! Thanks for sharing I'm gonna give it a try.

  14. Ingrid,

    Yes tell me when you make yours how it comes out! I would love to hear all about it.

  15. Thanks for the comment! It made me laugh!!!

    I made the Spider, Fairy, Pumpkin, & MJ tutu within the last week but the others are from last years Halloween line.

    I have been busy and I've been negleting my other blog :(

    As you know, I'm on bedrest so I'm trying to keep busy making tutus from bed... got nothing else to do lol and I cant stand long enough to make my cakes.

    WEll, I love all your comments you send and I love your blog!

    Thank you so much!

    Raychel &

  16. Sofrito... This sounds good on the roast pork. Definitely worth a try. I wouldn't want to go overboard with it though, just the right taste. So using the plastic ice tray is a neat trick! Thanks!

  17. This is the first time I hear about Sofrito. This looks great!

  18. Het girl go to my got an award!!!!! (copy the pix)...

  19. Karine,

    You should so try it! It gives your food so much flavor.


    You are so right you cannot go overboard with this it will ruin your food. But yes the ice tray trick works perfectly.

  20. Sounds great! I would never in a million years think of putting this on roast pork or at Thanksgiving. I've always wanted to try it though - must bookmark :)


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