Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I want to say Happy Father's Day to all the Father's out there. But especially to the two special Father's in my life.

34 years ago my Papi became a dad. Who would have thought that this 21 year old barely a man. Would be one of the greatest men and father's of all time. I do not say this because he is my dad but because it is true. He is my hero. He is my superstar. He is my friend. He is my guide. He is just an all around awesome person. Not only a dad to myself. But anyone who knows him. Has always felt he was like a dad to them too. He is a funny guy. A smart guy. A peaceful guy. I know most of us think this way about our dads. But I wanted to make sure that he knew that I Love him more than anything. He is really loved by us all.

Through my faults and through my gains. He was there. He has never judged me. But only loved me. He has never turned his back on me. He has always been there to hold my hand through the good and bad times. Even at the age of 34 if I need him he is there for me without hesitation.

I Love You Papi!!! Happy Father's Day!

Here is my dad with Jr. Chef. You can see where he get's his looks from! My dad has a heart of gold and I am so glad to say that beyond the looks. Jr. Chef has taken that and many other great things after my dad.

Now on to the second greatest dad. That would be my hubby. He really is an awesome person all around. He is also very close to the man above. As they say all the time " Where is my best bud"? Now how can a girl not love that? Two of her favorite men have the same love for each other that she has for them. My husband is another man that would give for you before he did for himself. As you can see Jr. Chef also has some of his Daddy's good looks and charms. How awesome is that? Jr. Chef came to be the mixture of the two favorite men in my life. It was really a prayer answered. When I started to see his personality. To see he was going to be just like his Daddy and Papa. My husband is always the one that people refer to as "what a nice guy"! They got that right!. He too has a great heart and personality. He loves Jr. Chef and I to his fullest and has given us a life full of so much love. To me that is what I find important. The love that this man gives as a father, as a husband, as a friend, Son and Brother. So to my hubby. I Love You. I hope you have an awesome day. You are a great father and husband and Jr. Chef and I love you more than you will ever know.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful father's day. I would love to hear about your most moment with the dad in your life. When you knew no matter what this man would be there for you through thick and thin. That this man was meant to be a DAD!


  1. What an awesome post honoring the two father's you love the most! Happy Father's Day to them!

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