Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Emergency Blog Post-Almost Lost Little Piggy

Ok now I will not post any pictures as some may pass out and we do not want that. But I thought after going through what I have. It is my duty to warn others not to do the same. I was in my craft room as I usual am. I was crafting away when Jr. Chef asked if I wanted my chair because he had taken it out of the room to use. Well I said " no I am fine standing right now". Well while I said this I might add that I was using a quilting roller blade aka Rotary Cutter. Now I am sure many of you know what that is and how sharp they are. Well never did it dawn on me to sit down as I usually do. I thought I would be OK. Well guess what? I was wrong and I would like to spare the rest of you from near loss of limb fate that I experienced.

See while minding my own business. Crafting away so joyfully. My body decided to black out as it sometimes does. Now many of you that have followed me for a while know that I am a mess and have had medical issues. Well never did I think it would affect me while I was in one of my happiest modes. But guess what? It did! At some point I blacked out and next thing I know I hear the Rotary Cutter hit the floor. Before I knew what had happened (WAIT FOR IT). Yes it went right into my toe. Then apparently that wasn't enough for this sharp bladed bandit. But it had decided to bounce around on my foot and cut me three other times. Now as stated before there is a reason I didn't post pictures. You can only imagine. Especially if you use one of these often you know they mean business. Well one of my little piggies almost lost it's life yesterday. It's pretty bad and I am not sure how well it will heal.But heck it's kind of a win,win situation. I haven't lost the toe as of yet. WIN!! and my family is coming over to care for my foot while hubby is at work WIN! So if you are in need of some love and affection. Sure let this sharp little guy drop about 3 feet to your toe. But if you want to play it safe like I plan to for next time. WEAR STEAL TOE BOOTS!! Just saying I wouldn't want any more piggies getting hurt.

As for me I won't be crafting for a while. Since I can only wear flip flops and that is how I got here in the first place.


  1. Oh. My. Gosh. I completely pictured every moment of this story in my head and curled my toes the whole time. So glad you're OK! (I love that the label is "Lost Little Piggy, hee hee)

  2. Oh, man, Mara! First your mom and now you. You guys need to stay away from anything sharp.

    Hope you're much better now!

  3. Sorry to hear about your piggie - hope you are feeling better!

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