Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Cookies

Well Jr. Chef and I made a couple of Valentines Cookies for our Dentist Office. I made them a cute little box that was decorated with Pink Roses and filled with two tone tissue paper. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of that. But below are a couple pictures of some of the cookies.

I know what you are thinking. Little Panties for my dentist office. Well we are really close to our dental staff. Carrie who works on me all the time is great and a very outgoing personality and I knew she would love these little panties. By the way she did! Hope you like them. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Oooo so cute! I might give these a go before Sunday.

    I love the undie cookies, so cheeky :p

  2. Great cookies! Sugar for your a brave lady ;)

  3. LOL, funny about those panties! :)

    You guys okay? Doing well. You've really been quiet for awhile.

  4. Belated Happy Valentines to you! this are really cute cookies you have here, the undie cookie is cute. I'm sure this is yummy and looks good.


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