Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Have you made Cake Balls?

Have you ever made cake balls? I had tried once before. But because I didn't read the full instructions. I didn't finish. Well because it came out wrong. So I had made a birthday cake over the weekend for someone. My first attempt of the cake. It fell apart before I could put it together because it was so moist. That when I lifted from cooling rack it just crumbled. So I thought OK. I will just try to make those cake balls now. Well I followed the usual directions. Crumble the cake then mix some icing in. Make the balls. Freeze the balls. Then dip the balls in chocolate. For the first time actually completing the task I think they came out ok. But The cake was too darn sweet. I mean Jr. Chef is the taster here when I have no one else to torture with my makings and bakings. But I tell you even he said they were way too sweet. So my questions for you are. Have you made them? If so were they too sweet? If they were what did you change. I made yellow cake with just can cream cheese icing. Now it may have been the icing. I usually make my own. But I was in a rush since I have a lot of orders that actually came up this past week. So I went with the can icing. But like I said these cake balls were way too sweet.

Please let me know how yours came out.


  1. Yeah I've made them before and mine came out way too sweet too.

    I'd like the answer to this too.


  2. I made cake pops and cupcake bits. Both were sweet (dessert) but not overly so. I used red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting. Perhaps your cake was sweet? I'd be very curious to see how you tweak things to make them less sweet.

  3. Yes, I have made them and they weren't a favorite in my house...my kids didn't really like them. I thought maybe it was because I used strawberry cake and vanilla frosting that it was so sweet, but maybe it's across the board. My kids didn't mind the sweetness, they just didn't like mushy cake, which is sort of what they are. I think they are super cute, but not just my favorite to eat.

  4. Hey, there! Hope your Thanksgiving was a yummy good one!

  5. I made mine by mixing pumpkin spice bread with cream cheese then rolling and dipped them in white chocolate...they came out very good!
    I have also made them with brownies and stuffed each ball with homemade Reese's peanut butter filling...very good too!
    Your picture looks really good :-)

  6. I only use chocolate cake and semi sweet chocolate to dip them in, we love them and can never get enough around here! they are a hit with everyone I make them for...maybe its just the type of cake? I just came to your blog because I totally miss you!!!


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