Friday, September 18, 2009

My Absence

I have been really trying to get into the swing of things more often. As you see I did not have a confession last night.
I do apologize! The reason behind it is I have been taking care of my husband. My husband was hit with a flu and we did not know how serious it was till last night. His temperature reaching 103.4. Having to ice him down because he is so stubborn and wouldn't go to emergency. So luckily I got him to the doctors today and it was the worse case scenario he has caught the swine flu. I know scary! But this is why I will need to take care of him and watch that Jr. Chef doesn't get it. Even though he has not been feeling well either for a couple days!

So my confession is I miss posting as much as I used to and I miss everyone! But now before I can jump back into it I must watch my two men and nurse them back to health.

Thank you for understanding and sticking by me!

God Bless!!!


  1. Oh, darn, Mara! I'm sorry to hear that you guys are sick AND witht he swine flu!

    Take care of yourself too and don't worry we'll be around!

  2. Oh wow! really! That is really scary. I hope your husband is well now. Take care!

  3. aw man! I am so sorry to hear about you husband! I hope he gets better soon, and i hope the little one doesnt catch it!

  4. I hope your husband gets through this flu quickly and painlessly! That is scary, but you are doing the right thing taking care of him as best as you can and protecting your child!

  5. I hope he feels better soon! No worries! I only post when I get the time/money to make cakes! So you're completely free from any judgement from this blogger!!! :)

  6. Swine Flu! My goodness keep jr Chef healthy! I'm praying for you guys,, we'll all be here when you get everyone healthy again!!


  7. Hope he is on the mend soon..and yes, keep your little one far far away!

  8. YAY your here, take care of those boys I am so sorry to hear your hubby is so sick, I keep disappearing too, Telll Jr chef I said hello. Im praying for a speedy recovery!

  9. Oh my, that's horrible! That must be scary! Good thing you found out already, at least he'll be able to take proper medications. Hope he gets well soon, and hopefully yoy and your kiddo don't get it too. Take care!

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  11. Hey Baking Momma,
    We really miss you and your yummy desserts. :D But seriously, we all hope hubby will get well as soon as possible. Hope to see you back in the world wide web!


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