Thursday, September 3, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Things kids say!

OK for my confession this Thursday is just some of the things my son does to embarrass me.

I mean come on! Are they programmed to make you blush 95% of the time? Well my son must think so.

Do you ever have a conversation with someone and you hope no one catches you in that little lie. Example: I'm sorry I missed our lunch date. I was in bed with a migraine. Sounds simple enough right? Well then there comes my son mommy you didn't have a migraine that is when you went shopping with (some other person). Yea it didn't go as planned.

Oh while driving down the street with my son. He checks out every car that is next to us. God forbid its a male because my husband has programmed in my sons head that every man wants me. Let's face it I am not that same little hottie he met 14 years ago lol. But bless his heart for thinking so! Gotta love that man!

But because of this my son makes sure no guy is looking at his MARRIED mom! If they get caught looking beware! This kid is asking them what are they looking? She is a mom geese! She's married!!! Mom show him your ring. Come on show him or I'm going to tell daddy you want these guys looking! Of course its all fun and games to him. But I want to hide under my seat.

Don't even get me started when we go to get groceries at Wal-mart. According to him and his dad I have fans in the paper isle and I am not allowed to go down that isle alone.

So I know there are a lot of you that have little boys! What are the things they've done or said?

Is your son or daughter as protective as mine?

Please share!


  1. LOL! Yes, my son is extremely protective of me. I am a single parent so I think that's part of it. He does NOT like the idea of "sharing" me with anyone else. And heaven help anyone who would try to wrong me lol.

  2. Ha-ha! My comment would be waaaaaaaaaaay to long if I was to tell you the craziness my kiddos have said. They do say the darnest things and most often at the most embarassing times!

  3. I have no child, but this is too funny and too cute! it sounds like something my husband would program out children to says some day!

  4. I don't have children yet, but my little brother almost always do this to me. The worse thing is that he always gets me at the very perfect moment, which is so very embarrasing!

  5. My son is too young for It's good that he loves you so much though :)

  6. I have little girls and they don't really embarrass me. Your little guy sounds like a character...too cute!

    I wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog earlier. I loved your comments. Guess we both needed that card. Good luck to you as you try to figure out what path to take:)

  7. That's a cute gesture from a little boy. Of course he loves his mother dearly, thats why he is protective.


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