Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Our Children

Today's confession is about how worried I am for our children. Right now as I am blogging this my son's school is on lock down for the second time in two weeks. I don't understand what is going on with the parenting these days. I sit here helpless because no one will answer the phone at his school. I know for the moment my child is safe because he sent me a text. But still they have streets blocked choppers flying over and there is an ambulance at his school. I hear the police sirens and I cannot do a thing! Why does it have to come to this? Why are these children. Our children in a state where they think violence is ok?!!! I send my child to a school that is rated one of the top schools in the area for their grading. But does that matter anymore. When I am always worried about his safety? The police don't tell you anything. The staff ignores the calls and us parents stand watch and wait for some sign. Some sign that our child is ok! Then they send you a sorry excuse for an explanation of what happened. Even though they won't tell you how extreme it was. Last time I was in my home helpless and crying for almost three hours not knowing if my son was safe. There was a child claiming he had brought a gun to shoot some people. This child was only 12. I of course did not get this from the school. But from the news and my own son! I ask you all to take the time today and pray for our children. Pray for the parents who can't control them. Pray that each day your child leaves your sight. He or she will return home safe!


  1. I do hope your children are kept safe. Do you have means of communicating with your kids while they are in school? At least they'll be able to reach you at a moment's notice. Maybe you and the other parents could get together and speak to the school officials. I'm sure once they see that a lot of the students' parents are affected by the violence, they might take some actions.

  2. I'm praying, I worry over this constantly. My older boys are out of school THANK GOD, however my youngest is only in 2nd grade. What is our world coming to?

  3. Oh, Mara that's horrible! I'm so sorry you and Jr. Chef (Dad, too of course!) had to go through this. It's insane! This is something I worry about day in and day out.

  4. oh wow! that is really scary. When you send your child out in the morning to a place that you don't think is safe anymore it makes us wonder...what's the right thing to do? I just read a book called 19 Minutes, by Jodi Picoult..don't know if you've heard of it, but it is really good...along the same lines as what you are dealing with

  5. Amen! I will be praying just that! I am so sorry you have to go through this :(

  6. Hi Mara! Read your about your son's school. Um...I hope all is well and you and your son are ok. That is soo scary! Anyway take care girl. I'll Keep you all in my prayers! Madness...I swear...


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