Tuesday, August 18, 2009

They have to do what? Part one

OK so school is about to be back in session. I had to take Jr. Chef to get his shots for school. Since he is entering 7th grade it is a requirement. Well he was acting SO tough when I told him. But when the day got closer for his doctor appointment. That was another story. All the questions started.
Jr. Chef: How many shots?
Jr. Chef: Is it going to hurt?
Jr. Chef: What else are they going to do to me?

Well I try to be as honest as possible with him.

Momma: Not sure how many shots.
Momma: It will feel like a pinch if you cooperate.
Momma: They are going to have to give you a physical.

Jr. Chef: OK so what is a physical?

Momma: Well they have to check you all over.

Jr. Chef: What exactly is all over???

Momma: Well you know!! All over like all over ( eyebrows raising)

Jr. Chef: Do you mean they are going to touch my N**s?

Momma: Well hmmm hmmmm yes they are

Jr. Chef: DADDY!!!! Did mommy tell you they are going to be touching me????

Dad: Hey it's a part of life.

Jr. Chef: I don't want anyone checking my privates!!

Dad: Yeah that is what you say now!!

Ok Moms now you know where I am going with this!. Why is it that men think it is so funny?
We have to deal with the kids freaking out about going to the doctors. We have to deal with them having someone checking the shhhh privates. We have to explain to them that it is different and that they need to be checked for their health.

But here comes dad with that " son you may not like it now. But believe me when you are older"...

Now of course he is not talking about the doctor. And my son is old enough to know what he is talking about.

Jr. Chef: Geeze Daddy you are so disgusting!!

Momma: Come on help me out here! (Walking away shaking your head)


  1. hahahahaha...man this sounds like something my husband is going to say some day to our kid! how do you even begin to explain to a kid that they have to be touched down there for their own good. lol.

  2. Queen,

    Luckily we are a very open family. Jr. Chef has always been way ahead of his years. But still he is a comedian and he has a lot of stuff that comes out of his mouth. Just like his momma. lol

  3. LOL, I remember when my middle son was playing tackle football at age 8. They had to "check" his private parts.. I explained that the Nuggets needed to be lifted and he'd have to cough.

    He flipped. I have to WHAT?!

    Lift your chicken nuggets and cough!


    Now he just stands there hands on the horse and chicken nuggets exposed. Coughs and says I'm good to go doc!

    What happened to my "lil" scared boy? LOL

  4. ooooo ooo *raising hand* I have one of those. He is just like that, what in the world?!! Boys...thats all I can say....

  5. Tami,

    Girl they grow up. Then all this that we go through with them is a faded memory.


    Boys will be boys!!

  6. LOL, Mara! Too funny.....mine rather have 100 shot and not have their "boys" checked! Btw, that's totally something Joe would say. I feel ya sista!


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