Thursday, August 6, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday

OK so we had a good response to our first BCT. This week I thought I would confess about my blog envies. lol Yes I have blog envy. There are some things that I don't know how to do. Or I have seen and have wondered how that was done. Sometimes I go snooping around my blogger dashboard and try to change things but most of the time. It does not work in my favor. Maybe I am missing something. I am not sure. But the items below fall into my blog envy. I will push my pride aside and state that if there is any assistance you can provide I would greatly appreciate it. I really think that everyone knows the things I don't and I am the only one standing alone in the rain without an umbrella lol

  1. I confess that I want to change my layout because I want something more personal. Something that is my own. But I don't know how people do it.
  2. I confess that I am wondering how bloggers get their personal logo onto their blog. ( I don't have one) But I know what I want it to look like.
  3. I confess that I have button envy. I am always trying to figure out how bloggers make their buttons.
  4. I confess that I am wondering how bloggers get their pictures to lay side by side.
  5. I confess that I am stumped. I am still trying to figure out how bloggers get a person message over their comment box.
  6. I confess that I always wonder how people get tabs on their blogs. Am I missing something?
On another note:
  1. I confess I get so excited when I here my phone beep because I have a new message
  2. I confess I get really excited that I have a new follower. That means I am saying something someone wants to hear.
  3. I confess I wish I had more time and more things to write each day about food. So that I would be able to update more for my blogger friends.
  4. I confess there are more items but we would be here all day.
So what is your confession for today? Did you not walk the dog when you were supposed? Forget to feed the kids at their usual time? Forgot to make hubby's lunch? Or was just plain ol' lazy today?


  1. I think your blog looks amazing. If you want a blog button I can help you with that, other than that, I think your blog looks great! I do all of my own stuff...banner, button...and ect. (not the background tho) so I can try to help but I think you did a wonderful job with what you have right now! New followers are like christmas presents to me, it makes me so happy that some one is interested enough in my blog to do that!

  2. I love getting new followers...I made my own banner in Photoshop and imported it in...I am still learning so much also. As for side by side make a photo collage in your photoshop or whatever picture program you use and then upload it. Hope that helps!

  3. i LOVE the layout of your blog! Especially the graphics on the top! Don't change a thing :)

  4. Queen,
    Thank you for all your help. You are so right though it is like Christmas when you get a new follower.

    Cookies and Cups,
    Thank you for your advice. I guess that is the big thing I am missing the photoshop. You are not the only one that has mentioned it to me.

    Mini Baker,
    Thank you so much. I'll keep that in mind.

  5. I too, have blog envy. I think what you've got is great.

  6. I think your blog looks great, too!!!

    I had someone make my buttons for me. :)

  7. Oh, that little phone sound....I love that, too! Every comment gets an internal happy dance! :)

  8. Hilary, Thank you. Yes I think we all have some envy at some point

    Thank you I know I hear that sound and I go running. Even worse when my ringer s off at night and I wake I check the phone. It kills me that I cannot answer till the morning.

    Thank you ladies for visiting.

  9. There are lots of tutorials online for making your own graphics or buttons, as well as on site layouts. Brush up on some of the topics and try to learn some image editing like Photoshop. Just practice and play around with the different options and you'll be able to come up with something you like I'm sure :) Good luck!

  10. Uprinting,

    Yes I have learned I am definitely needing Photoshop. I knew there was something I was missing. Thanks for all your help

  11. You are so funny! I wonder some of those things myself... I tried to change my layout once...and lost everything! By Gods grace it came back!!!! I was so upset :/ But I am so thankful it came back...still have the same layout though :-P

  12. Cookies and Cakes,

    LOL I know it will take some years off of your life when you start working on those layouts and you lose everything. I unfortunately was unable to get mines back. But ended up with something better. But now of course I want a change lol. Just like me never satisfied


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