Thursday, August 27, 2009

Blog Confession Thursday- Reality TV

ok so I must admit that I am a reality tv addict. I am not sure what it is about these shows. But my DVR is stocked up on recordings. Now these shows vary. But something about them have taken a hold of me. My husband says that I have a problem. But yet this comes from a man that can watch law and order all day everyday. Sometimes lies about having not seen an episode. But I catch him each time because I tell him " wait a minute remember that day you held me in a choke hold begging me to watch tv with you? Well it was this episode" lol It gets him every time. I also above anything am a soap addict. Why is that we get so emotionally attached to these darn characters? I started out watching them with my mom as a child. Yes it is her fault but I think it starts that way for everyone. Then when I met my husband ( boy he's gonna hurt me for saying this) he watched soaps. But he watched another station. Now if you watch soaps you know if you watch someone elses it looks so fake. Oh and it did. But some how he got me watching his soaps and it is over 13 years later and my husband has moved on to other shows and I am still watching these soaps. And don't you try to talk to me when they are on. I get all crazy lol. Thank goodness for rewind lol. But there you have it I am a soap,reality tv watching fool. Just in case you too are an addict. I will list the shows I watch. So you know what I am watching and hey maybe compare some notes later lol. I know I am so bad. Plus this list doesn't include regular tv shows. Wow that would be another long post.

My list
Jon and kate
Cake boss
Amazing wedding cakes
Project runway
Flipping out ( he is so funny) I love this guy
Nyc prep
Housewives ( all of them)
Ghost adventures
Property Virgins
My first place
House hunters
House hunter international
Paranormal state
Big Brother ( I forgot this one. Oddly enough I was watching it when I made original post lol

Guiding light
Young and restless
Bold and beautiful
As the world turns

These are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Also please please forgive me as I left out. I definitely can watch LMN all day long and the food network. See I am trying to stop letting all my secrets out and here I go just telling you everything. I mean if I am going to come clean. Might as well tell you everything. Ok so now its your turn. What shows are you addicted to?


  1. I am seriously embarrassed to say this but I am addicted to Big Brother! It's on lie 3 times a week and i can't wait until it comes on again! sad =(

  2. Dating in the Dark has become my newest reality tv amusement. I can't help myself. :D

  3. I am a reality junky too! Lets see...which ones do I watch off of your list?
    jon and kate
    project runway
    flipping out (is my fav!)
    I also watch: Real world, More to love, My life on the d list, Ace of cakes, LA ink and many more...ekk!

  4. Sorry Mara, but I don't watch TV. The way you are with the TV is me with my books! More than blogging or baking I LOVE to read and always have a book or magazine with me!

  5. Well, we really can't blame you. These shows may not really get a 5-star rating from the critics, but they are all so addicting!
    Don't we all love Project Runway? :D


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