Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blog Confession- Thunderstorms

Growing up as a child in Queens New York. Of course we always had thunderstorms. I remember growing up wishing it would storm. Loving the sound of the rain hitting against the windows. Feeling the rumble from the thunder beneath my feet. But never in New York did I ever feel I had to worry for my safety. Never once was I scared.

Now living in Florida is a whole other story. The storms here are CRAZY. You are scared for your life. You try to get what you need done before you get stuck in a down pour. Now I lived in the City of Orlando before and yes it was scary then. But now living out in the country surrounded by farmland. There is a huge difference. Who would have known. That the more open the land is. The scarier it is. My goodness.! As i sit here and blog. I am staring out at the farm in front of me. I am counting lightening strike after lightening strike. Not only do I feel the rumbles. But the actual house is shaking. No it really is. Now Jr. Chef he is not fond of storms at all. So I must act tough. I have to act like that to make sure he doesn't freak out. When I say freak out it is an understatement. This kid starts having panic attacks. Now it is hurricane season. But as we all know. You have more than enough advance notice that a hurricane is coming right!!. Well I have to explain that to him every time a storm comes. Even though he knows this. But he always feels one has slipped by. Then for some reason this year. There have been a lot of Tornadoes. Now I can make it through a hurricane and a thunderstorm. But when you start talking twisters I am like a baby in a cradle. So you can only imagine how he gets. Every time it storms we run outside to look at the clouds. To make sure there isn't a funnel forming. There have been a couple times when we thought we saw one. We took off running to our local Walmart. Now I had to get this off my chest. I am tired. I am tired of worrying. If some big storm is coming to wipe me out. Always checking to make sure I match lol. You know how it was when you were little and your mom wanted to make sure you matched down to your underwear in case something happened. lol Like seriously who is thinking about that anyway? But my confession to you my friends is. My goodness I am tired of running from storms.

So how do you feel about storms? What about your kids? Is there any rituals you have when they come?

Oh yeah I would have included pictures. But I probably would have been struck by lightening. Then you guys would have missed me too much and I didn't want to have to put you through that. See what a great friend I am!


  1. LOL I'm with ya baby! Up here in Ontario we get some dillys. I'm the girl always putting on the brave face for the kids yet whispering out of the side of my mouth to the Hubby "Does the sky look green to you?"

  2. I'm in upstate NY and we do get some serious storms, but they don't scare me. I'm sure I just need to get one lightening strike near by and I'll be freaked forever. So far so good though. My older son isn't scared at all of storms. Although, as soon as we hear thunder he makes sure we're all out of the pool. My younger son, doesn't like them much and sleeps on his brother's floor on stormy nights. It's really cute. I don't know why this makes him feel better, but it does.

  3. LOL, ya big baby! Just kidding! Storms don't really worry me. I actually like 'em. The crack of the lightning and rumble of thunder. I of course don't want us to be hit by a tornado or hurricane but I don't worry about 'em. I do worry about the power going out while I'm baking.

  4. ModernMom,

    OK if I see a green sky. I think I will run.


    Isn't it cute how they look for comfort.

    Ooh you so bad. You know how bad it gets here lol
    Oh please don't let the power go out. My son is climbing the walls.

    I am the same way. Please don't go out while I am cooking.

  5. its true! youre great! I am glad you didnt take pics and get hurt!!! In NC the storms were scary like that. We lived in the country so I understand what you mean completely. I love storms but some are just too out of control. Of course I act tough too so that the kids wont freak out....they still do though. Once my mom and I got struck by lightning in our car! it was the scariest thing ever! hunker down Momma, I hope it blows over soon!

  6. Jana,

    Yes it is so much worse out in the country. I can't explain why. But it is. Like I said I was never one to run from a storm. But sometimes these storms are out of control. Plus with my son being scared he makes me scared lol.

    Luckily it has blown over by now that I am responding. But there are some storms out in the ocean that I have to keep my eye on in case I have to make plans to run. lol

  7. Ive always been terrified of storms. I dont want to ever go out in them, and when I was little I use to scream at the top of my I just scream on the inside. They are one of the things I am truly afraid of and Im not sure why! Storms and the dark...add the two together and Im not sure I will make it out alive :) So i fell for you on this one!

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