Sunday, May 31, 2009

Momma's Fried Chicken

OK well my darling husband and son love when Momma makes some fried chicken. But they like their chicken extra crispy and boneless. So I decided to be nice and make them their favorite today. I thought that I would share it with you so you would see how Momma does it in her house.

Boneless Chicken Tenderloins
Oil to fry
And your favorite Spices. I use Mrs. Dash Original Blend, Adobo, Garlic Pepper (we can't live without it), and Sazon ( it gives it a deeper color when it fries. Call me crazy but I love all my food to have nice color.

Take a large bowl and place rinsed chicken and two eggs in the bowl.
Now add the milk (sorry I do not measure it but if you are going to double dip like I do you probably need like 3-4 cups)
I also add all the seasonings at this time to the milk and egg mix.

Here you have the chicken and mixture all mixed up together. Now the more time you let the chicken sit. The more flavor it will have. But please note that if you use Adobo or any seasoning with salt you do not want to add too much nor do you want to let sit for too long because the chicken will come out salty.

Now in a medium bowl you want to take your flour. You may want to use 3-4 cups of flour. As stated before depends on your dipping amount. If you want extra crispy then you will need to double dip in here also.

Now the same seasonings you added to the milk mix. You will add to the flour. I just do not add the Sazon to the flour. But you can if you want.

Just in case you did not know what they were or looked like 8)

After you have let your chicken sit for the time that you wanted you will start taking the pieces and dipping into the flour.

Make sure to cover the chicken fully with the flour.

Now if you want extra crispy chicken at this time you will re-dip the chicken into the milk and egg mix. ( note: For less crispy you will skip this step and continue on with the frying)

After you have dipped in the milk and egg mixture you will now re-dip into the flour.

Make sure to cover fully once again.

Here is your finished product frying. Doesn't it look good?

Here is BM's fried chicken

Here is the chicken with some herb and butter mash potatoes and some corn. My darling son wanted to make sure his plate was included.


  1. That's how my family likes it except for the sazon. I use to add that along time ago but now I just use Adobo. It's nice to know that someone else uses the same seasonings. It looks delicious.

  2. Hey Michel-lee thanks for stopping bye. Yes for some reason I can't live without the Adobo and Sazon. I have to see color. I know wierd. But Adobo is tricky if someone has never used it. You know it can make your food very salty. So definately knowing how to work with Adobo is key.

  3. Absolutely fantastic and crispy chicken! great post! Thanks.

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