Monday, January 11, 2010

The Verdict Is and Blog Award

OK so as some of you already know I have been sick. I have my usual sicknesses I deal with on a daily. But this past week I got really sick and I don't like doctors. Since they never have any good news. Well this morning when I could barely get out of bed. I decided I had to give in. Luckily my sister was around to take me and she has some pull in a doctors office. Well a few hours later I am finally back home. With a severe case of Bronchitis. Oh yeah and get this I have to be back on an inhaler. I had really bad Asthma growing up. But I thought I grew out of it a few years ago. But it has come back to get me. So now I am on steroids, inhaler, antibiotics and two new migraine medicines to see if it helps.

But when I got home I see that I received another award from my good pal Raychel

SO I would like to pass this award over to

Cookie Crazie
Queen of Clearance

These three ladies have brought some awesome cookie designs to my life.
Some great deal finds.
Some awesome stories.

Thanks again to Raychel she is an awesome sweet girl!
Also thanks to everyone for your sweet words on me getting well. Guess I have no choice now but to take care of myself.

Love you all


  1. Awww....thanks so much for the blog award. How sweet of you. Feel better quick.


  2. You're so very welcome :)

    Now, take care of yourself,\you hear!

    Raychel -

  3. sorry you haven't been feeling well! Thank you so much for the award! That makes me so happy that you only had 3 people to pick and you picked me! Feel better soon!

  4. An award waiting? Now I'm confused! Sorry I've been offline for awhile due to holiday travels and starting potty training with my son! I made two cakes during that time...didn't get a pic of one...and then just made one this weekend which I haven't posted! ACK! I'm an awful blogger! I hope you are well! Blessings!

  5. Sorry to hear that you're under the weather! HOpe you're feeling better soon and that the new migraine meds work!


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