Monday, January 25, 2010

Have to love our mothers!

OK so how many of you have a mom that always says " My daughter can do that"? Well that is my mom. She is always ready to volunteer me for anything. I mean I should be flattered right? She basically thinks her daughter can just do anything and everything. Well that is not the case! But somehow I always fall into the trap and say sure! So at my moms job they were having a surprise birthday party for her supervisor. Well her supervisor loves Barbie. But the catch was she doesn't like your normal princess Barbie. The co-workers all wanted a Barbie on the beach. OK well I have never seen Barbie on the beach. But I guess it is Barbie on the beach, right? So I took a go at it. I have to say there are some things that I would change the next time around. But I was shocked that I was able to get this cake done in one day. Called Mama up and said it's ready come and get it!. So here is my Barbie on the beach. There are some little extra things that my mom wanted on the cake. That she thought would be fun.


  1. Love it! I cant believe you made it in one day! WOW! your mom was right;)

  2. très classe bravo
    bonne soirée

  3. Um, I'm usually the one that says I can do that adn then of course my mom says of course you can. :)

    Well you did it and banged out an awesome one in just a day which that in itself is pretty impressive.


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