Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

OK well it is a little early. But Jr. Chef wanted to get started early. He has just finished making some of his Valentines. That he wants to start passing out tomorrow. I had to post cause I think he did a great job. I really do think he get's it from his momma. Lol

What girl wouldn't want to get a handmade card from a boy? I know at the age of 34 I still love when my hubby makes me handmade notes and cards.

If there isn't another post before Valentine's Day. We want to wish you a Happy Valentines! From Baking Momma and Jr. Chef


  1. Very cute! Love handmade valentines!

  2. These cards are adorable! I love the colors!

  3. Great job, Jr Chef! I'm very impressed as one of the twins struggles to paste and cut! LOL, though I have to admit he just doesn't try.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you guys!

  4. These are great! Jr. Chef did a great job! And you are right...homemade is the best! :)

  5. Super cute! Very talented little boy :D

  6. They are so cute! I love making cards and my son does too. I came across your site via Uprinting forum. Great blog you have!


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